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Adam and I have been together for quite some time now. Five and a half years ago we met whilst I was living in a hostel with my then two year old daughter. A single mum, learning how to cope with depression and anxiety. Trying to deal with my new situation of shared residency, homelessness and being on benefits. Adam made that time so much easier and it really wasn’t long before we talked about living together. Since we moved in together Adam has been there for me, the extra help and reassurance, the love and compassion for not only me but for my daughter as well. We talked about extending our little family but it never really seemed the right time. More money, more space, better jobs…the list goes on. The truth is though, I don’t think you’re ever really quite ready for when kids come into your life. I don’t think I was at 21 when I had Evie, and had no idea of all the changes I would make to make sure this little person would have as good a life as possible…right from the moment I found out she was on her way.

Evie…1 Day Old


So today I am truly thrilled to finally be able to share with you all that Adam and I are expecting a baby. Evie is going to be a big sister (finally..she said when I told her) and Adam is going to make a wonderful dad. I already know because I’ve already seen how he is with Evie, how he too had to become an unexpected parent at 21 despite having no biological connection to her. This baby is making our family bigger and we are all so excited. I’ve just had my 12 week scan which was a little tricky due to my high BMI. I obviously haven’t been able to lose as much weight as I would have liked which has made this a bit risky and made the scan harder to see everything but the good news is that we saw our baby (just the one!) and that they are measuring as expected. Our due date is currently 20th September 2018 meaning Evie will turn 8 just before they’re born. I have to have another scan in a couple of weeks time to get a few more measurements which should be easier with a slightly bigger baby.

The last twelve weeks have mostly been filled with anxiety, feeling sick, bloated and tired but I’m glad that’s fading a bit now. I am under consultant care due to my previous c-section and BMI but I won’t actually be meeting a consultant until June. We have a picture below which isn’t very clear at all – again, the fat – but the sonographer saw the baby move, heartbeat and was able to measure the baby at 12 weeks 5 days. The blurry picture below is from our very first scan (Adam has lovingly referred to his child as an alien – not as bad as me, I thought the head was where the bum is)



  1. AW, congratulations! That’s so exciting, and that’s really sweet your daughter is thrilled and ready to be a big sister! Being 8 is a good age, since you should be able to help quite a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚ #bloggersbest


  2. Awesome news! Really hoping weโ€™ll get to announce something by the end of the year, although weโ€™re trying for a sibling just yet. Wonโ€™t be long though.

  3. Huge congratulations, I’m so thrilled for you! I hope you have a really smooth pregnancy and it goes quickly for you! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. This is such beautiful news. I’m thrilled for you, Adam and Evie. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama xxx

  5. I was so pleased when I saw the news on IG, congratulations again, I’m thrilled for you both. I hope it all goes well and look forward to the updates. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheblogLove

  6. Congratulations! I wasn’t sure where this was going at first & didn’t realise it was a pregnancy announcement! There are 6 years between BB & Littlest B and it’s such a great gap as BB helps loads and they have a great relationship – I’m sure it will be the same for you #bloggersbest

    1. Author

      Ah thank you, yeah I didn’t want the first paragraph to be announcing the pregnancy haha! Ah glad to hear they get on so well, yes I think she’ll be really quite helpful! x

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