pamper tips for pregnant women

Pamper Tips for Pregnant Women

I want a spa weekend! Pregnancy can leave us feeling really drained, tired and a little bit unloved. When you’ve been dealing with months of fatigue, hormones and all your bones and ligaments stretching you deserve a chance to be pampered. I’m currently six months pregnant and I think now is the perfect time for some pampering. I’d love to get away for the weekend on a spa break, there are some brand new London Spa offers on Groupon right now which I am eyeing up! However, as we can’t get away to a spa every weekend there are a few things you can do at home to relax you and make those last few months of pregnancy a little easier, particularly if, like me, you’re heavily pregnant over the summer months!

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Create A Spa Bathroom

Do your bathroom up to give it a spa like quality feel. I love having a soak in the bath and even better if it’s empty of clutter, smells like a spa and automatically invites you in. Partner that with a cup of green tea and I know I’ll have a great night sleep that night. You could add in some of your favourite, relaxing essential oils in a diffuser and a few tealights around the room so that you can completely relax in the bath. I love natural and fresh face masks which can help if your skin is affected during pregnancy as hormones often affect our natural oils. Anything to prevent hormonal spots or stop my skin from drying out to much works for me and using natural or fresh face masks I know that the products are going to be safe for my skin during pregnancy. Another great thing to use for those aching muscles or a sore lower back is Epsom salts. They really make bath water feel spa quality and help to relax you. I love using Epsom salts in the bath before bed especially with lavender oil in a burner, it really helps me relax and as a result I have a nice, gentle night sleep – something that is getting harder the futher along in this pregnancy I get!

Have A Spa Retreat Babymoon

If you can get away for a night or two with your partner a relaxing pre-natal or pregnancy package spa retreat could be an ideal way to relax before your new addition makes their appearance. Some hotels offer specific mum to be packages depending on which trimester you’re in so it’s worth having a look to see what’s available. There are some pregnancy massages that can really help you to relax. If the spa does not offer anything pregnancy specific they should be able to talk you through which treatments are suitable for pregnant women. If you’re staying the night a dip in the pool can be very calming and enjoyable, with the feeling of weightlessness, to help relieve the joints. There isn’t much you need to avoid really at the Spa but steam rooms, hot tubs and saunas aren’t suitable. Still, there will be lots on offer suitable for pregnant women and a Spa is just a lovely way to get away from it all, fully relax and get yourself rested before your new arrival.

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How would you like to be pampered in pregnancy? 


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