travelling when pregnant

Travelling When Pregnant

Travelling when pregnant can be really quite tough. We have just come back from a lovely holiday to Landguard on the Isle of Wight which was a four night, five day break. I think too much longer without my home comforts would have been quite tough and I think holidays in the later stages of pregnancy wouldn’t have been enjoyed as much. We are non drivers and so doing a lot of walking when pregnant can be really tough. As well as relying on public transport and the no guarantee that you’ll get a seat on the train to your destination.

To get to our holiday park on the Isle of Wight we had two short walks to and from train stations, three train journeys and a ferry to catch. This in itself is a long process and can be really uncomfortable. I get hot really quickly too and find I need to dress in light, comfortable layers that can be removed easily. Wearing dolly shoes or flip flops help a lot to keep me cool as I don’t need to be wearing socks for this. I also opt for dresses and leggings which keep me relatively cool.

For the actual holiday I find having plenty of rest breaks and staying out of the sunshine helpful. I also think it’s important to stay active during pregnancy so have done a lot of walking and swimming during out holiday. Some places have gyms and exercise classes as well if that’s something you frequently attend during pregnancy. However, remember it’s also time to get away from the daily grind and recharge your batteries. This has been our last holiday as a family of three too so it was really important to me to just spend a bit of quality time together.

I also think picking a place of familiarity has been helpful as we’ve been to Landguard before. We knew how to get there, what to expect and how to get to local attractions. This made planning the holiday so much less stressful.

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Top Tips for Travelling When Pregnant

  1. Stay hydrated. Have a big bottle of water with you and sip throughout the journey to remain hydrated. This may mean extra stops to the loo but your body needs it.
  2. Bring healthy snacks to munch on.
  3. Pack layers of clothes, especially when having a UK holiday. You naturally run warmer when pregnant and you will want to be able to cool down.
  4. Take your maternity notes. Just in case. In fact, you should probably just take these everywhere you go in the third trimester of pregnancy anyway.
  5. Have plenty of rest breaks. If you need to sit and put your feet up for a few moments then do so. A family holiday won’t be any fun if you’re in pain and exhausted.
  6. Have rest days in between active days. The journey itself can be uncomfortable and tiring so having a day of rest before getting out and about to explore is important.
  7. Take a pregnancy pillow with you. I got a small portable one to make sleeping in a caravan a little easier.
  8. Reserve seats on public transport whenever possible. If someone is in your seat, tell them to move. Don’t be afraid of confrontation, especially when you’ve booked for comfort.
  9. Can you travel out of term time? We did because being pregnant with lots of crowds wouldn’t have made for a happy time for us.

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