why im writing a pregnancy book

Why I’m Writing A Pregnancy Book

I’ve decided to write a pregnancy book

I’m writing a pregnancy book even though I have only been pregnant twice, however, both times I’ve been classed as high risk. Once with a BMI of 30+ and again with a BMI of 45+ and for a previous c-section. I’ve blogged a lot about my second pregnancy and how it’s been relatively straight forward however most of the restrictions I’ve had have not been due to my previous surgery but actually because of how fat I am. I want to say that I’ve actually had a straightforward pregnancy and that actually my body takes to pregnancy pretty well despite the few aches and pains in the last few weeks. However, having a high BMI during my pregnancy, whilst not ideal, has made me feel judged and ashamed.

Despite my high BMI I have had excellent blood pressure, my baby has grown as expected, excellent iron levels and high platelet levels. I have remained as active as possible with swimming and taken vitamin supplements to make sure my baby is getting as many nutrients as possible. I’ve been mobile, done a lot of reading and research, put birth plan A B and C together and I have had no issues. I’ve experienced lots of movement, Baby is easy to feel through my tummy and his heart rate has always been as expected.

But because of my size I have felt I have had to explain myself every time I meet a new health care professional. I’ve had to go through hoops to put the birth plan in place that I want. I have been told that I am highly at risk of another c-section. Whilst I accept I am a higher risk for certain things having a healthy pregnancy affected by BMI which, so far, hasn’t had a detrimental affect at all, has made me feel really guilty. It’s something I have constantly felt the need to justify, defend and bring up by saying “This wasn’t plan A, I wanted to lose weight first!” And that is the truth. Perhaps I am lucky enough to be quite fertile and not struggle with conceiving as I can assure you it really did only take the one time for us. I also feel that it’s stopped me from enjoying my pregnancy as much and I don’t want other women to feel like that.

Why Am I writing a pregnancy book about high BMI in pregnancy?

So I am writing a pregnancy book which includes all the research I have been able to find on women with high BMI in pregnancy to help other women make informed decisions about how and where they decide to give birth. I have included letters I have written to my consultant which has lead me to having much more positive, upfront discussions about my care. Where to find out the best information on the hospital you have decided to book in with and I talk in depth about maternal rights in pregnancy.

My hope is that I will also share a second positive birth story, however that happens, and why I believe individualised care is so important. I’m not writing this book from a medical perspective but instead I’m writing it from one mother to another to help raise awareness that there needs to be more research into high BMI pregnancies and that actually, no matter your BMI, you can still have a positive pregnancy and birth. I hope my book will inform and inspire other women to feel confident in their choices for their pregnancy and ultimately help to reduce them experiencing shame, guilt, peri and post natal depression.

I am looking to self publish my book at the end of November and I hope that it is as interesting and informative to other women as I have found writing it.

why im writing a pregnancy book

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