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Eden’s Semilla Jojoba Oil & It’s Many Uses

Eden’s Semilla started in the US in August 2015 and has been increasing the amount of natural oils they sell over the last year. I recently received 60ml bottle of Jojoba Oil to review and introduce you to some of the new essential oils which have recently launched.

The package contains a glass dropper along with the bottle of oil so that you can apply it easily to the hair, skin or nails. I found the dropper really useful and I’m glad it came with the package as it just made things easier so I could get the right amount of oil for use. It smells absolutely lovely too!

I have been using the Jojoba oil for a few weeks now and I’ve really enjoyed finding new uses for the oil. I have been using a few drops of the oil with warm water and using it as a face cleanser. I love how it makes my skin feel soft and is gentle on my face. It’s also got a lovely smell and removes the days makeup and impurities really well. I know Jojoba oil is also great for the hair and can help maintain a healthy scalp.

eden's semilla jojoba oil, uses for jojoba oil

Another great use for Jojoba oil is to help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and scars. I’ve found the Eden’s Semilla oil to be great for this personally and has made my skin feel lovely whilst slowly reducing the bumpy texture that scars and stretchmarks leave us with. The oil is quite thin in consistency which makes it spread really well over the skin. This particular one is unrefined and cold pressed too which means it’s the oil in it’s most natural form. I feel much better using a natural substance on my skin. I’ve mostly used the Jojoba oil on my hands, nails and cuticles as it makes then feel lovely and smooth and seems to have strengthened them over time too which is great.

There are so many other uses for Jojoba oil that I want to try this as an after sun lotion. I’ve read that it can help heal the skin after being out in the sun and reduce peeling and flaking. I’ve really enjoyed using the Eden’s Semilla Jojoba oil. It smells lovely and I’ve even been adding a few drops to my baths for a bit more luxury. When used directly on the skin I’ve found it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. I think 60ml is an ideal size for this oil and can really help you to find more ways to use natural oils in your every day life.

After using this oil for the last few weeks I really want to try the next set of essential oils as I’m really loving finding new uses for natural oils in my day-to-day life. Eden’s Semilla have also happily provided me with some discount codes so that my readers can take advantage of using their products especially if you are a fan of essential oils. This allows 1 per customer a 50% discount on Amazon and the discount code should be applied at checkout. You can find the storefront here.

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Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Jojoba oil in exchange for this review. All opinions remain my own.

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