Enchantimals Cosy Deer House Toy Review

Enchantimals Cosy Deer House Review

The Enchantimals Cosy Deer House review is a Mattel toy suitable for children aged 4+ and it has been a perfect treat on this long, hot summer holiday for my daughter. We received the Enchantimals Cosy Deer House as part of the Mattel Play, Rate and Review team which was really exciting and this is our first time reviewing as part of the team! Keeping children entertained over the summer holidays especially at 34 weeks pregnant can be a real challenge and the heat has made it difficult to get out so this really came at the perfect time for us.

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I was really surprised by the size of the box the Enchantimals Cosy Deer House came in, I really didn’t expect it to be as big as it is and did, at first, feel a bit daunted at the idea of building the toy up with the plastic frames as it all comes flatpacked. I am, however, really pleased to say that it was easy to put together and the instructions were clear and really easy to follow. This isn’t always the case so I always appreciate when I can put a toy like this together in fifteen minutes or less with as least frustrations as possible. Already the Enchantimals Cosy Deer House is a winner in my eyes. Even though my daughter is 7 I put it together myself. It was mostly slotting the plastic into other bits of plastic and all of the places fit exactly right. There was a clear click to be heard when everything was in place and it kept it really nice and sturdy. I haven’t had any trouble putting this together and it hasn’t come apart either which is great.

Playing with the Enchantimals Cosy Deer House

My daughter loves imaginative play and I have to say I’m a fan because it’s the type of play she can do easily on her own with her lovely, vivid imagination. The Cosy Deer House came with plenty of accessories including the Danessa Doll and her pet Sprint. There are lots of lovely home furnishings to extend imaginative play and all of them fit really nicely into the house. The house is fairly light weight and easy to transfer from room to room without the fear that it’s all going to fall apart. It has a lovely big front door that opens too which is just a nice finishing touch really. Despite the size it’s really easy to store in my daughters bedroom and doesn’t actually take up too much space.

enchantimals cosy deer house

Other Enchantimals Characters

There is a huge range of other characters in the absolutely adorable Enchantimals range of toys with all different price ranges. These include small sets with the dolls and the larger playsets too. I am really impressed with the Enchantimals Cosy Deer House and I would happily buy more in the range for my daughter to play with. It’s really age appropriate for her too and as she loves animals it just seemed liked the perfect toy.

Disclaimer: We received the Cosy Deer House in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Kids Toy Review of Enchantimals Cosy Deer House by Mattel

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