Igloo Mania Review Brainstorm Games Ltd

Igloo Mania Board Game Review – Brainstorm

Evie loves a good board game and with this very wet summer we’ve had Igloo Mania has been a firm favourite already. We have loved playing it already particularly as it’s reminding us just how cold it can be despite it being August. Penguins are a big hit here too. Igloo Mania is from Brainstorm Limited games and is suitable for ages 5+. It’s a relatively quick game and it does require a bit of easy to follow assembly before playing. It may be advisable to set it up in secret, unlike us, than have to deal with “is it ready yet” every five seconds. I honestly think if I’d been a clever parent and hidden it away with a big reveal so we could play instantly I wouldn’t have been slightly insane when playing…anyway, I digress. It is actually quite fun.

Igloo Mania Review Brainstorm Games Ltd

You’ll need 2-4 players for this which makes it ideal for our small family. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The game comes with an Igloo mound that you build around with little ice blocks, penguin character sticks for the players to remove bricks and a little Eskimo proudly standing at the top of his Igloo. As mischievous penguins it is your job to remove the bricks without making the Eskimo fall off his perch. Adam likes to play strategically removing blocks from various places on the Igloo. Evie likes to do them in a line which meant each time we have played she has made the Eskimo fall. Whoever makes the Eskimo fall collects the rest of the ice blocks and the person with the least amount of ice blocks wins. Evie hasn’t won yet…

Igloo Mania Review, Brainstorm Games

The game is fun and a smaller version of Jenga really. It’s quite cute in its design and Evie really likes it which makes it a nice big hit for us. The game is easy to follow and has an easier mode for younger players which I think is designed to keep them playing longer. It’s as if the creator knew what small children might do (take all the ice blocks in a line for example) and make quick work of the game. We all like it and it’s nice to have a new game to play through the summer holidays and year long. Igloo Mania makes a great rainy day game and quick work of shedding boredom. A great game we’ve all enjoyed playing and will continue to do so.

Igloo Mania Brainstorm Games Review


Disclaimer: We received Igloo Mania in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own


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