melissa and doug wooden toys review

felix has some lovely, bright and colourful toys and as we are trying to be a bit more sustainable as a family i thought wooden ones would be more appropriate and it would help eliminate some of the plastic stuff we have in the home. melissa and doug toys are availalable through many retailers such as hello baby.

melissa and doug have a great range of wooden toys for babies and young children. i’m slowly starting to see more wooden toys in toy shops and online and melissa and doug are a brand i see very often. they’re always bright and colourful, have a range suitable for all ages and all types of play.

we selected a box of musical toys and a wooden pull along carousel for felix to play with. he’s still a little young, being almost sixteen months, but he has enjoyed playing with them – particularly making music! the music set came with a triangle, a wooden clapper, maracas, a set of sybols and a little tambourine. the maracas are his favourite and they’re a great set for evie to play with him too. they came in a nice little box making it easy to keep them all together.

the second toy was the wooden pull along carousel which rotates as you pull it along. i think it’s lovely and evie has often shown felix how to make it work which he likes to chase. mostly he likes to take all the wooden pieces off and pass them to me to build again, and repeat.

i am so happy to see a great range of innovative, fun, bright and colourful toys from the melissa and doug range which offer so much to children. it’s great to see things like the carosel which can be taken apart and put back together really easily. the horses are a good size for felix to hold himself and be able to put back together, he does like to give it a good go!

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