My Fairy Garden: Fairy Kitchen Garden Review #AD

My Fairy Garden: Fairy Kitchen Garden was sent to us in exchange for this blog post. All opinions remain my own. This post may contain advertisement and affiliate links.

I thought the Fairy Kitchen Garden would be something my mum would enjoy doing with Evie as she loves gardening and Evie is always picking her raspberries and “helping” her in the summer. My mum looks after Evie for a couple of hours every other Friday before she goes to her dads so it was a good chance for them to do something together.

Fairy Kitchen Garden comes with a planter, Fairy, Fairy House and some pea shoots for planting. You just need to provide your own soil to create a lovely little Fairy Garden. When the pea shoots have grown through you can snip them off and eat them so I also thought it would be a great chance for Evie to learn a bit about growing food too.

The Fairy Kitchen Garden is lovely and currently has pride of place in my mums Kitchen. Evie and her spent some time putting it together and then planting the seeds. The seeds need to be soaked in water between 6 and 24 hours before planting so I would recommend taking them out and popping in water the night before you want to make the Fairy Kitchen Garden.

It’s quite simple to put the Fairy Kitchen Garden together and really does look very cute. It’s so quick and simple and a great activity to do with kids as it’s something that is quick to do at first but takes a bit of time to see something grow so it’s nice to see Evie want to help look after something, and hopefully, be proud of what she’s grown.

We have just started seeing some of the first shoots come through which has really excited Evie!

My Fairy Garden: Fairy Kitchen Garden is from Interplay and is available to buy on Amazon.

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