Off The Hook Doll Review #AD

We received an Off The Hook Doll in exchange for a blog post review. All opinions remain my own. This post may contain affiliate or advertisement links.

Off The Hook Dolls are a new collectable fashion doll that Evie has been very impressed with. Just before half term she got her first Off The Hook Doll which has helped keep her entertained during February Half Term.

Girl holding boxed off the hook fashion doll

The dolls look cute and come in a fun box with two blind bags featuring a change of outfits. The outfits are quick and easy to change because of the ‘Hook’ feature which connects the pieces together and makes things easy to change. Evie likes being able to change her dolls up so this was a great fit for her.

off the hook fashion doll with punk rock outfit and blue hair for girls aged 5 years and over

There are several dolls to collect and several different fashion items for each doll. The toys are suitable for girls aged 5 and older. I love the punky look of our doll, particularly the boots and hair. Some of the fashions I’ve seen on the others is really on trend including a pretty cool Flamingo skirt which I want in my life.

Off The Hook Fashion Doll Outfit from Blind Bags

Our Off The Hook Dolls feature two blind bags containing a changeable top and bottom which makes a complete outfit. You can really personalise each dolls look using the different hooks of clothing which is great and makes kids, I think, want to collectable.

As you can see the outfits seem to fit the ‘personality’ of the doll which is great and makes you want to try another doll and see what types of fashion they’re into. For ours with her punky look and coloured hair she has a real ‘rock chick’ look about her which I love. This is the type of fashion I (tried, hard) to pull off in my teenage years. I particularly love the boots which remind me of my patent leather Doc Martens.

Off The Hook Dolls Review, Fashion Doll with Blue Hair and Punk Rock Dress Boxed for Ages 3+

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