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Slush Puppie Maker Review

Having a Slush Puppie maker at home over the summer has been so good. Especially for Evie who loves these cold drinks and they have helped keep me cool throughout the extra hot heatwave during my pregnancy. We were kindly sent the Slush Puppie maker and red cherry syrup in the summer holidays and have been giving it a good test. It is exactly like what you get in the shops and you have slushies within about 30 minutes or so.

Slush Puppie Maker, Making Slush Puppie Drinks At Home

You will need a lot of ice, I recommend buying a bag rather than constantly filling up ice cube trays, salt, slush puppies syrup and water. Best results happen if you can freeze the metal canister first to keep the ice cool as it’s mixing. The slush puppie maker is easy to set up. You simply switch it on to mix, half fill with ice, add some salt, add more ice, more salt – following the instructions and then add a litre of syrup mixture. Its then just a case of keeping an eye on the maker until the mixture forms icy peaks and adding more ice and salt as and when you need to. This takes about twenty minutes or so of mixing. You then flip the switch to dispense and pour!

We have loved having a slush puppie maker and now our red cherry flavour is running out we are looking at trying more syrups and flavours. You can only use one syrup per canister so if you’re looking to mix it up you’ll need more than one machine! I’m eager to try blue raspberry next as it’s my favourite!

The slush puppie maker detaches from the habit really easily and is pretty easy to clean. Once set up again it’s good to go! If you find that ice is getting stuck or jammed you can flip the switch from mix to dispense to rotate the opposite way and this usually fixes the problem.

Red Cherry Slush Puppie Mix

Having an at home slush puppies machine has been brilliant. They’re tasty, cool and refreshing and it’s saved me a few pennies buying them constantly out and about! The Slush Puppie machine is currently available at Menkind for £49.99 (with an RRP of £59.99) You can also purchase Slush Puppie cups and Syrups alongside for £6.99. Current flavours include Red Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Cola or Green Apple. I can’t wait to try more refreshing flavours!

Disclaimer: We received the Slush Puppie Maker in exchange for this feature, all opinions remain my own. 

At Home Slush Puppie Maker, Making Red Cherry Slush Puppies At Home


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