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Coppi Bowl from Banbayu

I’ve recently got into crystal healing a bit. I’m still learning so I probably don’t actually know anything but I know I am trying to declutter and create a positive home space for us all. Living in a two bedroom flat we don’t really have much space, especially for storage, so everything looks a bit cluttered. I’ve been looking for something to hold my crystals and incense in while not in use and something that would fit in with my home. This Coppi Bowl is working really nicely.

Coppi Bowl Homewares

I like having nice furnishings and I especially like items that serve more than one purpose. I received this gorgeous Coppi bowl from Banbayu which is sitting quite nicely on my end table in my living room. I selected this bowl because I wanted something to hold my crystals in that I’m collecting at the moment and this looked stylish and large enough for them.

I love it, it’s gorgeous, stylish and a really nice size. I can see this holding many uses in the home from keeping belongings, keys, fruit, decorative items…whatever you wish really. I think it’s always really useful to have something like the Coppi bowl in the home. Storage space is always needed and it’s even better if it looks good. The size of the bowl is great and what makes it so functional. It can easily be used for many different things and would suit any home and decor style.

Coppi Bowl

Banyubu feature sustainable, authentic and luxury homewears and jewellery on their site. They have a fantastic ethical policy and with every piece being handmade, you know you have something special. The Coppi bowl is exactly that for me. I really love it and I love that it’s from a place that cares about the people and cultures that make the products.

Disclaimer: I received this Coppi bowl in exchange for this feature. All opinions made are my own.


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