Summer Infant Pregnancy Body Pillow Review

Summer Infant Pregnancy Body Pillow Review

A pregnancy body pillow is an absolute essential and has been one of the best things to have during this actual summer we have. I feel it’s typical that we are actually having a hot summer whilst I’m pregnant and it’s been pretty rough going getting to sleep at night however the Summer Infant Body Pillow has made getting comfortable in the evenings and getting to sleep so much easier. Im now 31 weeks pregnant and a deep and peaceful night sleep is a thing of the past for sure so I am doing as much as I can to stay relaxed, comfortable and supported during my pregnancy. Using this pillow with my lovely new bed sheets and Leesa mattress I am absolutely resting more and relaxing easily during this pregnancy than my first.

There are loads of different shapes and sizes when it comes to pregnancy body pillows. Some take up a lot of room on the bed (much to a partners frustration I’m sure!) and you can kind of make do without one if you have lots of extra pillows however I personally find using a body pillow like the Summer Infant Pregnancy Body Pillow to be much more considerable.

summer infant pregnancy body pillow

Pregnancy Body Pillow is…

So comfortable! It fits around my body really nicely, has a dip for the bump and support for between my legs. It’s lovely and soft, squishy and just like being wrapped up in a hug.

Supportive! It supports my bump, hip and legs really nicely so that my weight isn’t putting too much strain on certain parts of my body. The pregnancy body pillow has allowed me to almost sleep on my front but mostly kept me on my left side. I do sometimes have to switch sides half way through the night but I don’t have to move the pregnancy body pillow.

Multiuse! It will be great to use the pregnancy body pillow to help with feeding Baby F when he’s here so that he can get comfy and cosy with me. As he gets older he can use it for a supportive and comfortable seat although in the meantime I think I might still be making great use of it!

Easy to wash and clean with a zip up removable cover – ideal for pregnancy and of course all the mess babies come with.

I really don’t see any disadvantages to this pregnancy body pillow. It doesn’t take up as much room as some others might, is comfortable and provides a great amount of comfort and support which is ideal now especially as I’m in the third and final trimester of pregnancy. This pillow would be pretty easy to transport and would have been ideal to take with us on holiday at the start of the month however I’m so glad I have it now!

If you’re currently expecting you can purchase a Summer Infant Pregnancy Body Pillow for £39.99 RRP and it’s absolutely a pregnancy essential and investment that you will be using throughout.

Summer Infant Pregnancy Support Pillow showing you three ways to use the pillow during pregnancy and post natal

Photo from: Summer Infant

Disclaimer: I received a pregnancy body pillow in exchange for this blog post. All opinions remain my own. 

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