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Valentines Day As Parents

How are you spending Valentines Day this year? Do you celebrate it? It’s much less a thing when you’ve been with someone for a fair few years and have children at home. This is our first Valentines Day as new and equal parents but really would we be doing anything different if Felix wasn’t here yet? No, probably not!

In fact this year Valentines Day will mostly be spent with us apart. Adam finishes his pattern of night shifts Thursday morning and then has two lectures at University in the afternoon. I imagine by the time he gets home around 6.30pm he will be exhausted from almost 24 hours awake. Felix and I will be spending the day together, doing the school run and repeating sleep, change, eat, play every three hours from 5am until 8pm when I will probably crash out myself. I think we will be lucky if we even have dinner together – probably something I’ll pop in the slow cooker early in the morning to save time.

We may choose to be a little bit more together Friday evening after another early start for us all and Adam again at University. Perhaps we will finally have the lamb wellingtons in the freezer with a glass of wine of which I’ll probably only manage half. Valentines Day as parents is not particularly glamorous but it is and will be still full of love. Love for each other, for our children and the family life we have. Although I am getting him some beer and I think he’s giving me some makeup money because any excuse for presents really. We are going to London in a couple of weeks time for The Baby Show actually which I’m pretty excited about. With Felix reaching more milestones it’s going to be a great chance to meet brands more suitable for his age, find a decent high chair for him and get lots of information on weaning.

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