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Younique Business Kit – What’s Inside?

buy online, buy makeup online, work from home, work from home hampshire, buy younique products, buy younique online, younique blogFor those of you that are unaware Younique are a beauty company founded in America that are really branching out across Europe. The started with their Fibre Lash Mascara and have brought in so many products it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing network marketing companies. I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about as the products look amazing and so I went ahead and got myself a kit. I’m not the world’s best seller but I’m a sucker for a personal discount and I absolutely love to try new products. I paid the £69 and £6.95 courier delivery charge to have my kit shipped over to me from the Netherlands. It took around a week to get to me which is pretty good although it would have been a little less of a wait if the courier hadn’t decided to give up looking for my house and go home for the day instead…still a little bitter about that, but that’s a rant for another time and I don’t want to tarnish this post with negativity.

I always think its better to start a business with a kit because how do you know if you are actually going to love the products if you haven’t already tried a good handful? How can you show people what the products are? I firmly believe that face to face networking is the strongest and most successful way to network with others, especially when you have something that another person can touch, smell and see. It’s all about building trust! Especially with cosmetics, because it’s a very personal buying decision, especially with things like foundation. People want to be able to try before they buy, you can’t really do that without a kit which is why I think it’s a bit silly having all these “free” opportunities. Nothing is free. It will either cost you time or money before you see a return, or both! makeup, younique, buy makeup online, work from home uk

Anyway, I feel like the kit is a great price especially as the products inside are worth £175 so you’re already getting a really good discount. I think that’s why so many people kitnap and then go on to sell to family and friends. They get a great deal, show some friends, get a couple of Mascara’s sold and BOOM they’ve made back their money. Younique’s starting commission is 20% which seems to be about average but you can increase that as you move through the ranks and increase your personal retail and team sales volume. This is pretty average for any network marketing business to be honest, the more you work and the more you bring in the more rewards and money you will make. Younique also allow you to host virtual parties which you can do very easily and it helps earn you commission and half price items. Because of this it looks like Younique is an incredibly lucrative way to build your kit up without you having to use all of your commission.


Let’s get into what’s in the actual kit though shall we?! Firstly it comes in a lovely black and purple box with some gorgeous black and purple tissue paper which matches my bedroom very nicely. The case is really nice and the packaging has a luxury feel. Immediately you can see why these products come with a higher price tag, you are buying what is being marketed as a luxury brand. You can really see and feel it in the care and quality of the packaging. Younique also market themselves as being cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The kit case has made a very nice addition to my desk.

The first thing I noticed when I opened it up was all the literature that is included in your kit. Most of these are samples however there is also a very helpful and handy presenters guide which you should take the time to read and a catalogue so you can start making a list of all the products you’re going to want and showing friends and family the wide range that’s available. makeup remover, younique make up remover cloths, make up remover wipes

I then noticed the makeup remover cloths thanks to the bright yellow packaging. I’ve used these and found they remove makeup really well. They do contain a lot of oils which made me very wary that it would make my skin oily but I haven’t had a bad reaction to them so I’m really happy with that and they smell quite nice too, not as heavily fragranced as some other wipes I’ve used before and they are suitable for eye-makeup removal.

younique addiction palette 1, palettes, eyeshadow palettes

I then wanted to take a look at what eyeshadow palette I was given as it’s chosen at random. I want all three of them personally and I’ve started with number one with is a mixture of matte and shimmers in lovely earthy tones that I feel will help me with a good base to other eyeshadows I have.

The next thing I took out was the Fibre Lash Plus mascara that Younique are pretty famous for which is a bottle of black transplanting gel and a bottle of fibres for great length and volume. I was actually really surprised by this mascara as I’ve never been able to find one that really gave volume. Personally, it’s probably not an everyday mascara for me but for evenings, nights out or when I have time I will probably be using this one, mainly because I feel like I am rushing around in the morning and sometimes don’t have time to put much makeup on. #self tan, self tanning at home, self tanning lotion, younique self tan lotion

The next full sized product is the brand new self tanning lotion which is a generous sized bottle of lotion. This is a brand new addition to the Younique presenter kit which I think is fantastic. It’s so easy to apply, smells nice and gives you a gorgeous summer glow.

splurge cream shadow elegant, eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, makeup brushes

The item I was most impressed with is the Splurge Cream shadow in elegant. I’ve never used a cream shadow before but this was lovely to apply and to wear so I’ve been really impressed with it. Alongside this were two eyeshadow brushes and one particularly designed for the cream shadow and the other for the palette and blending. foundation, liquid to powder foundation, mineral foundation

There are also a fair few samples included in the kit so you can find your ideal shade and get some photo evidence and show of the products nicely. The samples include 3 shades of beachfront bronzer, 5 shades of blush, touch mineral foundation samples and shade selector, 5 mineral eyeshadow samples and a huge selection of lipgloss and lipstain samples which are just fantastic to help you create multiple looks with your kit when you’re just starting out. lip colours, red lips, lots of lip colours

I really like that the kit has a great range of full sized products and samples as this helps you to find your favourite shades and know where to put your money. It is also a great way to make those first few sales from friends and family as if you choose to let them you can pick a perfect shade with them. Having this mix really does make an excellent investment because there’s a great amount of choice and it really makes you choose the perfect full sized product!

When it comes to network marketing, as I’ve said before, you need to have passion for the product and be consisitent and persisitent everyday. Find a company that fits in with your ethos, take your time to research, buy a couple of products to try from any friends, start speaking to people regularly not with the intention to sell or recruit but purely to connect and build up strong relationships.

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