SENSSE Beauty Products Review

I’ve talked before about how I’m trying to take better care of my skin and using some new skincare products. I’ve been balancing this out with two tools from SENSSE’s range of fantastic tools. I’ve been lucky enough to try the SENSSE Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush and Exfoliater alongside the SENSSE Hot and Cold Facial Bar. Both products work really nice alongside each other for amazing skincare results and for a really nice treat. I think cleansing is so important and I really notice a massive difference after regularly exfoliating.

The SENSSE Facial Cleansing Brush is fantastic because you really get the most from your cleanser. I’ve used this with a few different cleansers including cream and foaming. I’ve found using the cleansing brush I need half as much as I would usually use so it’s really helping me to get the most out of my products too. The brush gently cleans the skin and exfoliates thanks to the little brushes which feel very soft. It’s quite strange going from a manual motion to an electronic one but it really has been making a massive difference. My skin looks so much brighter when I cleanse and exfoliate properly and this also helps to clear breakouts.

SENSSE Beauty Product Tools Review

The SENSSE Hot and Cold facial bar is amazing and even Adam is convinced by it. The product massages the face with your chosen moisturiser and again a little goes a long way. First you use the warming setting to relax the muscles and apply your moisturiser. You can either have it warming or warming and massaging which really helps to relax the muscles in your face. Once your moisturiser has been applied you switch to the cooling setting which helps to tighten everything back up, close your pores and helps to prevent any nasties getting back into your skin. The cool setting is also amazing to use in a hot flush or on a hot day.

Both products are easy to charge, maintain and clean. The come with USB style chargers and are easy to transport.

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for this review. All opinions remain my own. 

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  1. I really, really want one of these, I’m seeing them everywhere!

    Thank you for joining in #RVHT it’s going to have a rest for the next fortnight and then I should return, revamped in two weeks. I’ll tweet you!

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