Introducing #BookChatwithKat

#BookChatwithKat is a new community hashtag I have created to use on bookstagram. This is to help share bookish realated content. If you use the hashtag bookchatwithkat on your IG posts I will regularly do shoutouts and share to my stories. I will create bookish photo challenges and templates to use. I want to use the #bookchatwithkat tag so that I can find more book reviews, bookish photos and connect with book lovers.

Creating a Hashtag #BookChatwithKat

So I’ve long been wanting to create my own little bookish community – a place to share books, reviews and enjoy the fandom together. My first step in this has been creating a community hashtag on Instagram. I would love it if you used this hashtag with any book reviews, book box unboxings and general bookish chat. I’ve also created a July Photo Challenge with a bookish theme and I’d love to see you use the prompts to create fun bookish photos.

#bookchatwithchat July photo prompt challenge. An open book with a red box overlay and the text for the July photo challenge for my IG bookish community hashtag.
the bookchatwithchat photo challenge for July

I use photo challenges to inspire me to take new photos and showcase and talk about my favourite books. I want to grow this as a community so I’m excited to see what other content will be shared. I’d love to create an online bookclub to help arrange buddy reads, do reading sprints and challenges. Hopefully, I will be able to do giveaways in the future too.

I feel like I’ve come into my own by changing to a bookish aesthetic and I’ve met some lovely people along the way. I’ve found some amazing small businesses that create bookish inspired goodies. Mostly, I love being able to geek out on my favourite fandoms and characters with others. It’s been a part of me I guess I haven’t really talked about much. Friends know I like to read but maybe don’t get quite how much I love the merch created from these amazing worlds.

I’ve also created some IG story templates for people to use for reading progression and TBR lists. I hope you will join me!

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