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#ChileanEasyPeelers Challenge with BritMums

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ChileanEasyPeelers Challenge, sponsored by Chilean Citrus Committee.

I don’t know about your children but Evie is ALWAYS hungry after school. She’s also hungry on the way to school. Having a handy, pocket-sized snack to take with me like a Chilean easy peeler satsuma is a great way to satisfy her hunger needs and make sure she’s getting a nice dose of vitamin C and having a healthy snack. There are times where we pop to the supermarket or go and see family after school which means getting home for dinner takes a little longer. It’s always good to have something nice and easy for her to snack on. Easy peeler satsumas are great for picnics, lunch boxes, breakfast and after-school snack and the box of juicy easy peelers we received have been a big hit for us all. They’re naturally sweet, easy to peel and no need to cut up which means, when we’re on the go, these are ideal. They’ve also been a great snack for me to have in the house because I’m back doing Slimming World and they are helping keep cravings at bay. I love adding these to a chicken salad for a bit of juice, flavour and to make salads a bit more fun!

About Chilean Easy Peeler

The demand for Chilean easy peelers are growing in the UK as the convenient, seedless fruits are sweet in flavor and a hydrating snack, perfect for families.

With year on year growth of 32% in tonnes sold in the UK, the amount of Chilean mandarins sold last season reached over 2,000 tonnes. The predictions for this year’s crop are even greater.

Available in supermarket shelves from September to November, the delicious fruits are the ideal snack for back to school season.

Here are some talking points/tips about why Chilean easy peelers are so great for kids:

  1. Easy peelers are great for children’s lunch boxes. Young children love doing things for themselves and easy peelers help them do just this. With easy peelers, children are also less likely to need teachers help to peel these, so they are more likely be eaten rather than left in lunch boxes. Older children love a snack they can grab before studies or while they’re on the go.
  2. Easy peelers are a great source of water – they are about 87 per cent water. Children should be encouraged to drink water but eating foods with a high water content such as citrus fruit may help to keep them hydrated too. These are especially great to pack on hot or busy days, or when children are taking part in sports, to help keep hydration levels topped up.
  3. Easy peelers are low in calories, fat and a good provider of vitamins and minerals. In particular, they help to provide children with fibre, folate, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  4. Easy peelers save mums time in a morning and as we know time is precious. No more peeling, cutting and slicing when making your child’s lunch boxes – just pop in an easy peel mandarin!
  5. To make peeling even more fun, attach a sticker on the peel in a morning when making up your child’s lunch box. Easy peelers can also be packed into picnics, passed out and eaten at sporting events or practice, given as a treat and presented to your child when you pick them up for a healthy energy and juicy fluid boost.


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