3 Practical Reasons for Using Wristbands in Your Next Event

Organizing an event is an exhilarating task with its own set of challenges. It’s quite exciting to see an event come together as you count down the days, but there’s a lot of stress involved in it, too. Event organizers and managers need to sweat the small stuff just to ensure that everything will go according to plan on the date itself. Every little detail matters when creating an experience that everyone in the crowd can enjoy.

Believe it or not, a minor decision like choosing to use customized silicone bracelets can actually solve a lot of headaches that come with planning and managing an event. In the past years, more and more event organizers are using wristbands as a stand in for paper tickets. And event attendees are welcoming this change; many of them collect event wristbands as they would concert shirts. What do you stand to gain by using wristbands in your event? How can such as small item make your event just a little bit better, safer, and more secure? We have 3 answers to that question:


  • Wristbands are harder to lose than ticket stubs.


Even now when e-tickets are widely employed in many events, ticket stubs are still often used to tell apart paying and non-paying guests. Paper tickets are, without doubt, still quite charming. They are often treated as collectible items and are a convenient option for smaller events. However, ticket stubs are very easy to lose or forget. Your attendees can lose them in the middle of the show, and looking for them can be quite a hassle both for the guest and the security personnel.

On the other hand, it’s second nature to put a wristband on someone’s wrist for safekeeping. This makes it much easier for guests to keep these ‘tickets’ on their person at all times. In the same way, because the wristband can be seen quite easily, your security personnel won’t have to inspect each guest just to make sure that they’re not gatecrashers. A single glance will be enough to ensure that the people in the area have paid their entrance fee. For this to work, you need to order customized wristbands with a unique design and color combination that will stand out.


  • Wristbands are more difficult to counterfeit.


Paper tickets can be faked easily, especially now that many people can design and print tickets in their own homes. The same can’t be said for wristbands, though. Even if 3D printing is starting to attract the interest of many people, 3D printers still aren’t widely available to the masses and it’s fairly difficult to render a 3D object. However, it’s still in your best interest to make the wristband for the event as unique as possible, so that your security can easily distinguish your wristband design from ones that just look like it.


  • Wristbands are a good event souvenir.


As mentioned before, many event goers actually collect wristbands as proof of their attendance to events that interest them. It helps that wristbands aren’t easy to lose like ticket stubs, are durable enough that they can be worn daily, and don’t take up as much space as a T-shirt or poster would. In addition, they’re also quite cheap, especially if they’re freely given as proof of admission at the gates. Despite their size, wristbands can serve as a sort of uniform for the attendees—a proof of their shared interest and sense of community.

Switching to wristbands is a win-win decision not only for your staff but also for your guests. This small change can help solve a lot of smaller concerns and lessen the stress that comes with planning and holding a big event.

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