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3 Ways to Make Money From Home

I have been working from home now full time since April 2015 and even though I’ve changed course a little bit and do things differently to when I first started, I wanted to share some of the things that allow me to do this and still make sure my family have food on the table, holidays to enjoy and heating in the home. Some of these things work better as an extra income and some of these things can be turned into a full time business.

One of the most common questions I get asked when someone says how much money can I make working from home? And I always give the same answer. You can make as much as you want, everyone is given the exact same opportunity but the people that treat it like a business, are consistent and persistent with it are the ones that generate a full time wage from it.

So really you are key in this. Making money from home will require work, planning, organisation, sacrifices and your time. However it can be really rewarding.

You need to ask yourself what kind of work do I want to do from home?

How can I make money from writing?

I love this book, a gift for my recent Birthday. It really helps get those creative juices flowing and helps my imagination start working again after a break in writing.

I love this book, a gift for my recent Birthday. It really helps get those creative juices flowing and helps my imagination start working again after a break in writing.

There are lots of fantastic writing jobs you can do from home. In fact there are even writing jobs being advertised on job hunting websites such as Indeed. Why not write up your CV to show your interested in writing for a living and give some examples of your writing projects?

You can also join sites like Freelancer which offer paid writing jobs. Start with the smaller, less paid jobs to gain experience and good reviews and then you can work up to the bigger, better paid jobs and start making this a regular income booster. This does take time, you will need to set yourself a good few hours to get the work done and the lower paid jobs often require a very quick turnaround.

A great way to start writing and getting your voice known is through blogging. I started my blog through WordPress and have been blogging on and off for around five years now. I’ve been blogging on Candyfloss & Dreams for almost three years and I love it. I love being able to get paid for expressing my opinions and (hopefully) writing content others find useful and inspiring. I enjoy getting paid for writing articles and putting my stamp on them. There are lots of blogging opportunities, support groups and success stories where writers have seen there blog go from strength to strength. If you want to make money from blogging then the first thing you need to do is start working on building connections and getting your blog link out there. Most bloggers get paid depending on the audience and how influential they and having a high domain authority or DA is a good indication of how reliable and useful your website is. Do some research on how to increase your domain authority and then set yourself an aim and work on following the tips to get it. Start connecting with other bloggers, commenting on their posts and making your stamp. This will bring other bloggers back to you to connect with you.

Don’t just go for the massive huff post featured bloggers though, start with bloggers around the same size as you and connect with them. Not only will you start getting traffic to your blog but you will also start building some lasting friendships and bringing in an audience that really care about what you have to say. Join some groups on Facebook that give you tips and tricks on how to make your blog successful and also allow you to connect with other bloggers from all around the world. One of the most important things you need to do when working from home is form a network of people and connect with them. This will increase your engagement and give you that social boost which is one of the main reasons people enjoy being employed.

Can you make money from blogging? Absolutely, if you are serious about turning it into a business but like anything it takes dedication, work and patience. Joining communities like bloggers required will give you jobs you can apply for which often give you payment or products to use and keep. Look for small, local businesses in your area and contact them. Say who you are and what you do and that you would love to feature them. It may take a bit of time doing your work for free but it’s important to get your name out there and get companies and brands to trust you. Writing informative and interesting content will get brands to come to you but remember to stay firm and stay true to yourself. Perhaps, if you have the money, you could attend a blogger conference to interact with other bloggers, brands and business people which will build up valuable connections and relationships. There are also some great tips on how to make your blog popular.

It's important to make a daily to do list to keep organised.

It’s important to make a daily to do list to keep organised.

How can I make money writing reviews?

Having a blog is a great place to start reviewing the products you already use and love however by joining an online community like Ciao! you can also start getting paid for them. I have been writing reviews for Ciao! for a long time now and it has really helped give us a bit of extra saving money. The run monthly competitions with cash prizes too. I recently won £15 for one review I wrote and it was awarded a lovely little diamond which made me feel great about myself and my abilities. In December I had a pay in of £97 just in time for Christmas which covered some last minute presents, a day out for me and the family and some extra Christmas goodies. Again, the key thing is connecting with others. The key to getting paid through this website is writing a good quality review which makes others give you feedback, you should always try and return this feedback and rate other reviews.

I personally recommend a quality review of a minimum 350-500 words every day and then spend 30 minutes commenting and rating other people’s reviews. This will get them to rate you back and the higher rating your review has the more money it gets. A good tip if you work full time and worry you won’t have the time to do this is to set yourself a couple of hours at the weekend to type up your reviews on a word document so you can just copy and paste each day and then spend 30 minutes in the evening, whilst you’re watching your soaps or unwinding rating others work.

How can I make money on Facebook and Instagram?

Making money on social media platforms is still quite a new way of doing business and even though its a great tool to use to help grow your business it should never be your only method. That being said there are many successful business woman that get a supplementary income just from sharing pictures on social media like Facebook and Instagram. This is where becoming a network marketer really comes in handy because you can earn from the products you sell without having to keep stock, buy a shop or spend a large amount of money investing in something.

Network Marketing companies are relatively cost effective to start up, depending on the product or service you are interested in promoting. I personally work with two, one I have joined for a personal life long discount of 25% as I love the products and use them daily, the other I have joined as it was only £20 – I chose to upgrade to a kit – and has allowed me to build my team and promote products I am passionate about.

Taking Selfies – If you’re promoting makeup taking plenty of selfies showcasing your products and a new look is a great way to really show people how the products look. Offer makeovers to friends and share their new looks. Perfect your technique by learning how to contour, watching instructional make up tip videos on YouTube. If you’re studying a makeup or beauty course share your knowledge and incorporate the products you’re retailing.

Taking a quick selfie gets likes, comments and has had me enquiries about the makeup I'm wearing and that's got me sales

Taking a quick selfie gets likes, comments and has had me enquiries about the makeup I’m wearing and that’s got me sales

Create Testimonials – Don’t be scared to show how a product or service has changed your way of thinking, boosted your self confidence or helped you in anyway. People love real life stories. Anytime a customer makes a purchase ask them for a review, before and after photos if they feel confident to share. Just remember to always ask permission and do not make the customer feel uncomfortable or they might not buy from you again.

Be a Product of the Product – If you’re able to, try and add on an item for your personal collection or kit every time you place an order or make a commitment to buy something new each month. This will help your monthly volume and people buy from people. If they see you constantly using the products and happy about it then they will start trusting you and your products. After all people buy from people and they want to make sure the money is going to something valuable.

Sell your story Keeping to the 80:20 rule on Social Media will ensure that you’re showcasing a lifestyle and this will gain interest and people will want to follow you. The news and media is full of so much negativity, people enjoy reading good news and success stories. The important thing with social media is that your customers are always watching. If you’re negative and don’t really look like you’re enjoying your life or spam your profiles with products you are more likely to get ignored. Just be yourself really, but always try and put a positive spin on your day.

Make Friendships – Each time you make a new connection with someone make sure you actually speak to them. Send them a nice little message saying hello, ask how they are, be a friend, listen to them, make chit-chat, comment and like on their posts. This will help draw out their trust in you, keep you making new friends, gaining recommendations and referrals and ultimately customers and potential team members.

In all honestly, what is it you actually do on social media at the moment? Do you post selfies? Do you post pictures of your family on holiday, at the park, enjoying time together? Do you recommend products you’ve used to friends and family? Have any of these posts, comments or suggestions made you money? They could do, they have done for me, they can do for you.

Buying a kit with a network marketing company means you can start showing off your products and doing demonstrations right away

Buying a kit with a network marketing company means you can start showing off your products and doing demonstrations right away

How can I make money from home cooking?

Are you, like me, a massive foodie? Do you go out to dinner and then try to recreate recipes at home but always find there’s something missing? Perhaps you have a fussy family and want to make meal times easier and satisfying for everyone or maybe you love having dinner parties and showing off your talent. My Secret Kitchen products brings all of those things together in the form of a business promoting amazing food products with no nasty ingredients and no added gluten. The Australian based company is amazing and the products are innovative and help you with that creative flare. The opportunity is fantastic giving you the chance to start selling in other countries without holding stock all through your website.

If you’re already posting pictures of the meals you make and getting a fabulous response then imagine posting them with the products you use and earning money from them. Have your friends round and show off your kit with a hand crafted menu and introduce them to the new products you’re using. I am going to be hosting an afternoon of high tea for friends and family next month which is going to include a range of dips, dressings and cakes made with love and the amazing products including hot chocolate from our chocolate powders and tea’s from our range. The products are affordable and the company often puts weekly and monthly specials on entitling you to more discount and giving you the tools to promote the products freely.

I have a great range of MSK products now to enhance my meals

I have a great range of MSK products now to enhance my meals

Have you seen all those food boxes lately as well? Gusto, Hello Fresh and so on…well being a part of My Secret Kitchen gives you the chance to get your friends and family on board with something similar as when you join you get two websites. One to organise your My Secret Kitchen business and for customers to shop products online and the other for The Flavour Stack which is a monthly autoship programme from £14 including delivery. These include recipes and the flavours you need to create 4 or 5 amazing dishes that feed 4 people. That is amazing value and a really affordable way to try My Secret Kitchen products and get cooking some amazing new dishes.

Are there any working from home issues, problems or difficulties?

Of course there are, there are difficulties in every job going whether you work for yourself or for another. You will need to be able to prioritise effectively, resist procrastination and increase your self confidence. People will say no to you, people will question what you are doing and some can be quite negative. Personally, I remove these people from my life and from my social media regardless of who they are. I’m not interested in seeing their negativity and they do not serve me. You have to surround yourself with like minded people that will uplift you rather than judge you. Chances are they’re probably wanting to see you fail because they don’t have the self belief to make it work for themselves. Envy and jealousy are horrible things.

What are the pro’s of working from home?

Once you’ve started working for yourself or working from home you start to see the potential. Personally, I love that if I’m sick or my daughters sick I can still work, I don’t have to give reasons to a boss that doesn’t care or will give me consequences for taking time off. I don’t have to book time off to go on holiday or to take a day off, I set my own schedule and having that kind of control over my life is really liberating. It can be quite scary but once you start seeing that you have the control to earn as much as you want to earn and treat your business like a business you will start to see results. There is generally a six to eight week turnaround so the hard work you but in today will start benefiting you in ways to make it worth it in a few weeks time. You have to be consistent, persistent and passionate.

  • More Time
  • More Money
  • Quality Family Time
  • Freedom
  • Control
  • Social life
  • Move House
  • Dream Wedding
  • New Car
  • Personal Development

I received a lot of help thanks to female entrepreneur week and I wanted to give back to my readers. I’ve created an awesome 5 Day Free Business Booster Challenge and I’d love to see you there. It’s a five day business e-course that will help you create an actionable 90 day plan for your business and includes an awesome workbook. If you’re looking to look money online you can check out my guide to boosting your income here.

Having a good planner can help you to focus the time spend on your business and prevent you from procrastinating

Having a good planner can help you to focus the time spend on your business and prevent you from procrastinating



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