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36+ Audio Book’s I love

I’ve made no secret of the fact I love Audio books and I listen to them to go to sleep. I listen to the same books over and over again until I can use my audible credit (7.99 a month) but sometimes I find it hard to spend that credit. I mostly listen to fantasy stories. I don’t like to listen to non-fiction at night because it’s something I feel I should pay attention to. Most of the audible books I have I also have on my kindle so I can flip between reading and listening. That way I actually know what’s going on.

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I thought I would share the books I have on my Audible library for anyone looking for new audio books to listen to. I’ve had Audible on and off for years so my collection is quite big now. Adam has had it in the past too so some of the series are incomplete because he has them on his phone. You can find the entire selection of Audible books in my store front here.

  1. Is It Just Me? Miranda Hart – this is also narrated by Mirander and slightly altered so when you read things like “reading chum” it’s “listening chum” etc. I love this autobiography and I love Miranda so it’s one of the only non fiction audiobooks I have.
  2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy – I love the films and the books and the audiobooks.
  3. A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice & Fire – Book 3) I think this is my favourite of the series to be honest, so much happens in this book.
  4. 3rd Degree – James Patterson. A good old crime fiction from the Women’s Murder Club series and I love the narrator.
  5. How to Speak Dragonease & How to steal a dragons jewel – A How to train your Dragon book that I got for Evie to listen to. It’s narrated by David Tennant and he puts a lot of energy into it!
  6. A Bear Called Paddington – again, got it for Evie, hopefully Felix will like it too. Narrated by Stephen Fry and has a little musical intro.
  7. Sabriel – an amazing, absolute favourite story of mine narrated by the amazing Tim Curry. It’s a must read coming of age type fantasty book about a young sorceress that is looking for her anti-necromancer father with the help of a demon cat. It’s got one of the most tense scenes in it with the Mordicant chasing Sabriel up the mountain and has a really cool representation of Death.
  8. The Ruby Knight – David Eddings. I really like this series and this is my favourite in the Elenium series.
  9. The Worst Witch – I wanted to share this with Evie as it was a favourite of mine when I was younger.
  10. Too Much Information by Dave Gorman and narrated by Dave Gorman. I love the TV show modern life is goodish and this is a very funny book that is of similar nature but without a powerpoint because it’s a book.
  11. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – it’s my favourite book in the series and again narrated by Stephen Fry. I love it.
  12. Afterlife & The Two Kings by Stephanie Hudson – this is a really weird series that Adam can not stand listening to. There’s a lot of sex that gets a bit explicit at time but it’s basically about a tramautised girl that moves in with her sister in America and falls in love with a demon nightclub owner. It gets really weird as the series goes on but it’s one I needed to know how it ended. It’s an odd one.
  13. The Immortal Crown – Age of X – Richelle Mead – I love this concept for this story. It’s the second book and it’s so interesting. The first one, Gameboard of the Gods sets up a post-apocolyptic America where religion is strictly controlled due to a religious terrorist extremist group creating a virus that killed a lot of people and left half of the population infertile. It’s really interesting.
  14. The City of Mirrors: The Passage – the books are amazing and now a TV show on sky but it doesn’t do the books justice at all.
  15. The Cuckoo’s Calling – JK Rowling’s other book persona Robert Galbraith. Crime fiction, really good. BBC made it into a series a couple of years ago which encouraged me to listen/read the books.
  16. The Triple Goddess – another of the Afterlife Saga – it really is a saga. I can’t stop myself apparently. Adam also hates this one but I love it! Especially the introduction of Pip who is some sort of pixie demon.
  17. 9th Judgement – back to crime fiction with the women’s murder club here.
  18. Peggy and Me – couldn’t resist another book by Miranda Hart about her and her dog. I love this.
  19. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children – I got this because the film looked good.
  20. The Queen of the Tearling – a really interesting story kind of set in an old version of our world. The second book The Invasion of the Tearling explains the backstory more. It’s a trilogy, again a really interesting concept build on how societies are reformed time and time again. It’s on the basis of socialism following a sort of handmaid’s tale style reform. Very interesting. The first book is basically about a missing princess who goes to reclaim the thrown now she’s old enough and then has to fight the tyranny of the red queen who demands a tithe of slaves every month or she will go to war.
  21. The Forsaken Saga – this is like four books in one I think about vampires but not as we know them really. It’s okay, very easy to listen to.
  22. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the 2nd best of the Harry Potter series.
  23. The Assassins Blade: A Throne of Glass novella. This gives the back story to the Throne of Glass series
  24. Throne of Glass and all the other books in this amazing series by Sarah J Maas. I love this series. I am obsessed with it. It’s about an assassin that got caught, was a slave and enters a competition to become the kings champion. It is so much more than that but going into it more gives away the rest of the series. It’s dark, twisted, has amazing characters, amazing romances, amazing plot, battles – everything. The series is 7 books long and ends in a really interesting way. I believe a world concept book is being released this year too and I need it in my life.
  25. Truthwitch, Windwitch & Bloodwitch from the witchlands series. This series is deep and really about a bond between the two threadsisters. I think there is another book to come. It’s very good, has magic, a big plot heist, an angry admiral, seafoxes and it’s just an amazing adventure.
  26. It by Stephen King – Adam wanted this.
  27. Still Me – this is the third book in the You Before Me series. I have the first on Kindle, the second in paperback and the third in Audible fashion. It’s a great series, very emotional and an interesting turn from the first book. I like finding out where Louisa Clark’s journey has taken her.
  28. The Frostblood Saga books 1-3 – another YA fantasy magic series. This is in a world where fire magic is basically banned or punishable by death. A fire magic user gets caught but then smuggled out and trained in secret to help overthrow the king.
  29. Timeless tales for kids – another one for Evie, great to listen to in family room’s in hotels. This is all classic tales from E Nesbit, Charles Dickens and Lewis Carol.
  30. Heroes: Mortals and Monsters by Stephen Fry. This is a really interesting one actually because it’s all the Greek hero myths told in a slightly different and unique way thanks to Stephen Fry. I love all these old stories from Ancient Greece and got this when I was playing a lot of Assasin’s Creed Odyssy
  31. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. This is a really interesting concept for a YA fantasy style book. Sort of post apocolyptic because it’s clearly based in the US but many years in the future where people with silver blood have magic that dictates the way those with red blood live. It’s very oppressive and revolutionary. It’s one for the older YA readers, especially as the series goes on as there are some disturbing scenes. Very much built up around a class system and how those in power will find a way to discriminate against the many to keep them in control. I’m yet to read Broken Throne which is the last book in the series and features loads of cool letters and maps and things.
  32. Mythos – Stephen Fry. This is another Greek legends one but starting with Chaos and introducing us to the Titans and then the Gods of Olympus. Love this one too.
  33. The Cruel Prince. Now I’m quite late to this one actually because it’s been out for a few years but it didn’t really appeal to me. This is a book about three sisters, one Faerie and two twin mortals who are taken away to live with the Faries outside the mortal realm. These Faeries are not particularly nice and not quite the same as ones in other books. It mostly follows Jude who wants to be a knight, finds herself as a sort of spy. The second book, The Wicked King, follows on from this and the third book is hopefully coming out in November. I’m looking forward to reading where Jude’s story ends up.
  34. Shadow and Bone – a YA magic book where magic users form a seperate part of an army in a world constantly trying to fight an area of darkness. A little bit about self doubt and belief. A bit of romance. An interesting twist.
  35. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas – I love this main trilogy so much I can’t even say. It’s amazing. It’s got some really creepy and gruesome elements to it. It’s followed by novella A Court of Frost and Starlight. It follows Feyre who kills a wolf beyond the walls of the Fae realms and then has to commit to spending the rest of her life as a part of the Spring Court. Some of the creatures are really disturbing and the main villian is absolutely awful. The third book has a huge, epic battle as a finale which I just love. The second book, A Court of Mist and Fury is my favourite because of the change in relationship development dynamic with Feyre and other characters.
  36. Caraval, Legendary & Finale – unlike anything I’ve read before. It’s an amazing series that reminds me of a travelling circus with magic and fortune telling. It goes further in the other books about the Deck of Destiny which remind me of Tarot Cards coming to life. A great trilogy with likeable sisters as the main protagonists. Nothing is what it seems in the world of Caraval.
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36+ Audio Books to listen to if you love YA Fiction Novels

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