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Books I’ve Been Reading and Listening To

I love to read and I’m trying to make time whilst I’m pregnant as I know I won’t get much time when our baby is here. I’m also very much open to anything you recommend that I might want to read on my Kindle whilst pregnant or perhaps even a few Audiobooks I can give a good listen to. I’ve been mostly reading a lot of pregnancy and birth books but I’ve found time to through in some fiction reads too.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I’ve now read/listened to all four books that are currently available. I loved the main trilogy but it’s always really great to know what the characters do next which is how it’s been continued. I really like Feyre and how she has grown and changed through the books. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the series as I’m not all that sure on Faeries as fantasy books but this was really a great read and I loved it so much. I could read over and over.

Court of thorns and roses, books I've loved reading

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I’m yet to go through the sequel which I’ve heard is so much better than Caraval but it’s been a great listen. I really enjoyed listening to it as it was so different from my usual reads and Audibooks. It’s full of darkness, magic and mystery. It was a lot darker than I thought it would be reading the blurb.

Caraval, Books I've Loved Reading

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Midnight Jewel

I loved The Glittering Court and I’m so excited to read or listen to The Emerald Sea when that comes out this month however Midnight Jewel really lived up to the first in the trilogy. What I love about this series is how they all take place during the same timeline and so have loads of cross overs but focus on one of the three main characters. This one is about dark and mysterious Mirabelle and is full of pirates, espionage, mystery and a very heated romance. I think Mira is my favourite character of the three because she’s so adventurous and daring.

Midnight Jewel, Books I've Loved Reading.

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I’ve also read Fireblood and really enjoyed both stories. Another one full of magic, war and romance but I really enjoyed listening to it. This is quite similar to A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’ll have to give it another listen I think as it’s been a while.

Frost Blood, Young Adult Books I love

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Another series where I’ve also picked up the Sequeal, Windwitch. This one is pretty dark in places and I loved listening to the narrator. A really interesting take on a fantasy story.

Truthwitch, Books i loved reading in June

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A Throne of Glass

Another one by Sarah J Maas and a pretty long series. I can’t wait for the next one actually because I want to know how the story will progress. More faeries, assassins, romance and a super fiery heroine. I loved the first book and the story has progressed really well with so many interesting characters.

A throne of glass, books I've loved

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