6 life lessons taught with travel

6 Life Lessons Best Taught By Travelling To Different Places

Vacations are the most underrated teachers in life. They help us gather experience from our surroundings which we would have never learnt from books or anywhere else.

What would you remember in your old age: how to solve a math equation or how fun it was to go on a trip with your childhood buddies? Naturally, the latter! You need to understand the significance of going out with your loved ones, girl.

Read on to know which life lessons vacations teach us best:


You may be good with handling money, but how well can you estimate future expenses? Every trip needs to have a budget beforehand, especially when you are travelling with others. You have to know how much they are willing to spend, and as the planner, you have to plan the trip accordingly. This life lesson is best taught by vacations and events. Expert advice: always be a little flexible with the budget because you cannot be 100% certain about such expenses.


This one can be learnt from events (weddings, conferences and whatnot) also. However, travelling is the most fun way because you can improvise a lot; be it a hen party or a weekend stress-buster trip with friends (or both). You may have heard of how important creating an itinerary is. Your vacation itinerary needs to have all the destinations marked, adventures finalised and restaurants & pubs picked. This will help you make the most of each destination. Planning a hen do soon? Picked up exciting hen do destinations yet? Create an itinerary to make unforgettable memories and ensure a perfect weekend getaway!


Safety should be your priority on all occasions. From protecting yourself from falling down to avoiding walking in the wrong neighbourhoods; you should understand how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Security alarms will only protect you inside your house. But, what about survival situations? Travelling to new places takes you out of your comfortable environment, which raises the importance of safety even more. Keeping yourself safe in such circumstances is what travelling teaches you. You don’t have to invite danger towards yourself, but you should know how to handle these situations with a sound mind and body as well. Don’t be misconceived as a weak girl; get up and prove them wrong whenever needed

Packing light

This lesson can only be learnt from travelling. You may be wondering about moving houses, but that does include packing everything. So, this is not only about packing cleverly, but also about packing light. Do you know why you should travel with only the necessary items? The following will help you understand this:

  • Reduces your luggage space
  • Prevents chaos while repacking
  • Prevents you from forgetting important stuff
  • Keeps you organised and tidy

This is enough to identify the need and importance of this lesson.

Communicating with strangers

You may talk to many strangers every day because your work profile requires you to. However, that is all just business. Going to new places, and interacting with the locals there is an entirely different life lesson. You learn about different cultures, human nature, habits and behaviours. Such learnings will help you grow as an individual and will also boost your confidence notably. Don’t hesitate to talk around or party with strangers from now on!


You can learn this life lesson from many other avenues in life and travelling is one of them. You learn how to live with someone else, spend time with them, interact with their habits & behaviour and handle yourself when you are angry or upset. Travelling with friends or family mean that you will be spending more than a couple of hours with them, which will help you learn a lot about one another, but will that be a pleasant experience? No one can assure you of this. But, you will learn the most critical lesson of life, i.e. how to compromise and living happily with your decisions.

Don’t step back when your boss is planning corporate away days with your team or your friends are planning a summer getaway. Always know that it will be a valuable learning experience, apart from all the fun and adventure that you will be participating in.

Travel Life Lessons

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