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This is a collaborative post.

I’m really limited in where I can work at home as I only have one living space. I don’t like working in my bedroom so have everything crammed onto one desk that looks very cluttered most of the time. I want to sort it out and make it a bit more accessible and hopefully that will help the creative juices flow a bit better.

My desk at home is a little bit on the busy side!

I’ve often thought what it would be like to have an actual office and how I’d want it to be. I think think coworking spaces might work a bit better or actually having an office to go to would be quite lovely. The only thing is I’d like a bit of a say in how it’s designed and that kind of means I’d have to own it or at least collaborate on it’s design with a few other creative people. Working from home can be quite lonely though so perhaps collaborating on a shared creative workspace would be the way forward.

Obviously it’s important to have a desk for my work and a decent computer but I also like doing a lot of things handwritten too. Extra desk space, some shelves to keep books, notebooks and planners and a good selection of decent pens. I’d also like to be able to make use of natural light and have a place where I could easily record videos when I need to. It’s something I really wish I had here in the flat really!

Having some creative breakout areas could help with brainstorming ideas and collaborating

Sharing office space with others would also call the need for a place to make a decent cuppa and to work together and collaborate or brainstorm. Having some good quality and comfortable breakout furniture could really help with this. There are a lot of cool and creative solutions to make office spaces really personal these days. I think you need the right amount of private and group spaces when you work creatively. Areas to discuss and brainstorm, and then areas to just get the work done.

One thing I find quite tough about working from home is the background noise of kids TV but it helps to occupy Felix and I can get some work done. That being said if it’s not Kids TV then it’s a video game or Eastenders and I often get distracted then! I would really like my own little space where I can close the door and get stuff done but ultimately I work at home because of the flexibility it offers. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to look into an office space or maybe even get myself a decent laptop and go and work in a coffee shop from time to time!

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