Attempting to avoid Freshers Flu & Back to School sickness (#Ad)

Disclosure: I received some samples of Humbles bamboo brushes, snuffle babe and fish oil in exchange for this feature.

Evie was back to school for 3 days before coming down with a sickness bug in the early hours of Sunday morning, the first weekend of the school year. Then I got ill and then of course Adam and Felix were unwell. It was horrible and not the start to september anyone of us wanted. We are now faced with Adam returning to University and I want to make sure he is doing all he can to avoid getting ill during the first semester.

Humble bamboo toothbrushes

Thankfully, we had some unopened The Humble Co bamboo toothbrushes available so as soon as the bug was out of everyone’s systems we ditched the old brushes and have begun using these. I love that they’re made of natural bamboo, they brush well and the kids version has super soft bristles too which is great for Felix. It’s a good size for him to hold and get used to too, of course being only 11 months we help him with the brushing now he has enough teeth to cause a bit of a painful bite! (Usually on me!)

I am fully stocked with snuffle babe products which are my favourite for helping Felix through a cold and ridding him of decongestent. We all had a bit of a summer cold so these really came in handy. The vapour oil is great for just putting a few drops on a tissue and then placing in the cot for a bit of time before bed. I then move it out of the cot and place it close by but out of reach of tiny hands.

Wileys Finest Fish Oil supplementation for Omega-3 and Vitamin K2 to help give us a boost!

Vitamins and supplements along with a freezer full of preprepared slow cooker meals with loads of vegetables is my next line of defence in keeping colds at bay. It feels good knowing that everyone is getting the dose of vitamins they need and I’m really trying to learn more about nutrition so that we are all getting the most out of our meals. The slow cooker fills the flat with lovely smells of deliciousness throughout the day too and I’m really enjoying out autumnal casseroles, stews and chilli’s so far.

Prevention, when it comes to colds, is the best thing and whilst sometimes you just can’t help getting sick, getting the right vitamins, some fresh air and encouraging good hand washing practise goes a long way in helping to make sure we stay as well as possible. And of course getting loads of vegetables into eat of our meals is going to help too!

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