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I have always had big boobs. Always. From about the age of ten. It’s been a huge burden, something I’ve been bullied about, teased and sexualised because of from a young age. My bust size has made me self conscious, it’s affected my ability and confidence to breast feed and it’s made bra shopping an absolute nightmare. I have never liked my boobs.

Clothes shopping has always been hard and I’ve only been measured three times, once during pregnancy, and I think only once was it correct. I am putting a lot of time, effort and energy into ridding myself of the diet culture industry, the body positive movement and what it’s like to be a fat woman living in a fatphobic world. Clothing has been a huge eye opener because I want to wear nicer things that fit me properly. I want to wear clothes that look nice and make me feel good.

One of the first things I have done in an effort to feel better about myself and be more comfortable when it comes to fashion is to get an accurate bra measurement. It helped watching a feature on daytime TV the other week featuring Strictly dancer Oti Mabuse who had self concious feelings about her boobs. I had also heard a lot of fantastic things about the online calculator Boob or Bust and decided to give it a go.

Boob or Bust measure differently to any other way I’ve done before and actually get you to provide 4 measurements as well as you’re dress size to help them give a recommended bra size. I’ve been trying to squeeze into cheap bras from Asda for years because the bigger the bra the bigger the price tag and so have mostly been guessing my actual size.

Since having my second baby and despite not breastfeeding I was recommended a 46H. At first I worried because I just imagined the money I would have to spend to find one plain black, white or beige bra in that size to fit me. I know there are places for bigger busts specifically but I know they are expensive and often I just couldn’t justify the cost. I ended up just searching 46H bras on google and had a few sites come up to shop from. I felt a bit better knowing I had some options and could just go with as cheap an option as I could find.

Thankfully, Simple Be had the answer and I purchased a multipack of two pink bras in the recommended size in the sale. I can not moan at £23 for two bras and I’m so glad it’s on a website that has a lot of plus size fashion available. I was really happy with them when they arrived. The are comfortable, colourful, fit well and have made a huge difference to making me feel supported.

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