BookBeat Audiobook Review

Bookbeat Audiobooks: Storytime for Adults

I really love reading. There’s a real sense in pleasure at opening up a new book and getting right into a story alongside the feeling of achievement and sadness when it’s finished. Sometimes though, especially with pregnancy, I just don’t have the energy to read much more than a few pages a night. That is where Audiobooks come in nicely for me! For the last year I’ve loved using my Bookbeat subscription which has so many audiobooks and stories to listen to.

There are lots of compelling listens on Bookbeat which is available as a free App on the App store. You simply pay a monthly fee and can listen to as many books as you like. New audiobooks are really easy to find too with different sections and catergories, Sunday Times best sellers and brand new stories available too. I’ve got my eye on a few audiobooks where friends have read them and really recommended them so it’s great to see there are new audiobooks available rather than just titles I’ve not heard of. There are plenty of titles I haven’t read or listened to yet on Bookbeat however it’s been a real pleasure finding new authors whilst using the app.¬†You can find a whole host of categories from young adult, fantasy, autobiography, informative and thrillers. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Game of Thrones – Now, I’ve read all the books and watched the series but I’ve loved having a listen to series audiobooks to see if there are any plot lines I’ve missed out.
  2. The Selection – This is a young adult fiction series set way in the future where people are kept segregated. It really shows the divide of the rich and poor. This features the tale of America Singer who is selected as a prospective candidate to marry the Royal Prince. There’s plenty of action with rebel group attacks, romance and a few thrills along the way too.
  3. Carve the Mark – a really interesting book and well worth a listen
  4. The Hobbit – Another fantasy favourite of mine that brings me right back to my childhood

Those are just a few of my favourite listens that I’ve enjoyed. I usually take advantage of listening to audiobooks in the evening whilst drifting off to sleep. With Bookbeat you usually need a WiFi connection to listen in however you do have the option of downloading some stories too which gives you the ability to listen offline. I find this perfect for anytime I’m travelling or even something to listen to on the walk up to school. Audiobooks are a great way to find new listens, new authors and new stories and it’s something I’ve loved using and would recommend to anyone. I love the flexibility of not having to download the audiobook direct to the device and listening through WiFi as this stops my phone using up too much memory. There are plenty of stories for the whole family too which means we can all find something we like.

You can start a free two-week trial with BookBeat today.


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