Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is a collaborative post. 

October has come along so quickly, hasn’t it? It’s that time of year to where lots of people really consider their health because of so many awareness-raising activities going on. For me, October always means Breast Cancer Awareness Month so here, my lady (and lad – men can get breast cancer too, they have breast tissue!) friends, here is your reminder to check your breasts. You don’t need to raise awareness by putting a heart or a status on facebook, you need to check them. You need to give your breasts some firm but tender squeezings to make sure they’re exactly how they usually are. Don’t make this a yearly thing because it should be done regularly. If you want to go that step further if you’re someone at risk of developing breast cancer, it runs in the family or you’re just concerned about it then you might want to consider breastlight which is a breast cancer screening device that can be done in your home. Breastlight gives you clear view inside the breast tissue to view any abnormalities developing over time.

Getting to know your breasts, their shape and size will really help you to understand your body and also make you aware of any changes. Make yourself aware of the signs and symptoms and if you’re worried about anything at all, if you feel something different then get in to speak to your GP straight away. It’s not just your boobs you need to feel either, the tissue goes right up to your collarbone and under your pits so get feeling all over. It’s something that will only take a few minutes of your time. If you want to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer then why not share something really valuable like the infographic below? Encourage your friends and family to check their breasts too. Something so simple as getting to know your body can help save lives.


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