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7 Reasons Business Storage Solutions Need to Be a Part of Your Business

7 Reasons Business Storage Solutions Need to Be a Part of Your Business

Not all business owners realise the value of good storage solutions. If you don’t pay attention to the way in which you store things, then your business costs can go up needlessly. In turn, this will make your enterprise less competitive compared to other companies that are similar in size. Remember that nearly all commercial enterprises in the UK require storage either for items that will be used to render a service or for holding stock. It is not just something for the big warehousing and logistics firms to be concerned with.

  1. Cost Saving With Good Business Storage

All of your firm’s space has a cost associated with it. You may own your own premises rather than have to fork out for quarterly rent charges, but even so, storage space costs money. For example, any store room needs to be heated to keep items inside from freezing in winter and for allowing staff to work in it at a reasonable temperature. You will also need to pay for lighting and the size of your storage area will also add to the overall cost of your business rates. Therefore, you need to make the most of the space you have.

  1. Integrated Supply Chains

To avoid bottle-necks or any operational lags, it is very important to have a proper system for storing your SKU’s or business goods. WSSL’s business storage solutions offer integrated systems which mean that even modestly sized businesses can integrate their on-site storage with their supply chain. For example, pallet racking for stock rooms can be fitted which will mean goods can arrive and go directly into storage ready for shipment without the inefficiency of needing to unpack them. Mezzanine floors, short span racking, long span racking are also other forms of storage options for a more organized supply chain.

  1. Keeping Track of Items

Modern software systems allow you to keep a better grip on your stock. When an order enquiry comes in you need to know whether you have the necessary items to fulfil the order immediately. In effect, you need to think of your storage solutions as becoming a key part of your customer service offering.

  1. Lessen Wastage

    With properly installed warehouse equipment, like cantilevered racking and inspection points which can be made at either side of a shelf, you will find that fewer items get lost or cannot be located immediately when needed. This means buying in fewer items to deal with wastage, thereby helping your business’ bottom line.
  2. Get to Work Quickly

When you need a tool to complete a job, accessing it rapidly is important for being able to work efficiently. If you have an overstuffed storage facility, then you won’t be able to reach what you need straight away. As a result, customers can start looking elsewhere, so investing in good storage helps to protect your level of customer loyalty.

  1. Maximise Floor Space

By installing racks which extend all the way up to the ceiling of your warehouse or stock room you can quite simply store a greater number of items. Investing in picking equipment like forklifts that can cope with higher racks is significantly cheaper than renting additional storage space elsewhere.

  1. Eye Level Working

Proper storage systems allow you to keep all of your key components and fast-moving lines at eye level where staff can find them easily. Without a well-designed stock storage system, picking operatives need to reach over things and may miss or break items, as a result. Keep this problem in check with a truly integrated business storage solution.

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