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Effective Six Month Daily Goal Setting Planner

I recently received a pink Mal Paper Daily Goal Setting planner in exchange for this blog feature and I have been loving using it so far. I love a good planner and I really like how this one is set out too. The daily goal setting planner comes in a few different colours and is available to buy for the current price of £20.95 (as of September 2019). I have the pink planner, but black and grey are other available options.

Mal Paper daily goal setter planner

Starting with the Daily Goal Setting Planner

The planner has a great amount of information in showing you the planner system and how to use it for setting short, medium and long term goals. It features six monthly spreads for an overview of the coming months and to help plan your goals. It then features weekly and daily pages to effectively help you reach your goals. This planner works on the premise of you attempting to do the hardest task first which should help set you up right for the day ahead. If you do the hardest thing first then you will feel accomplished throughout the day, it will help motivate you and you can get ticking things off straight away.

The Monthly spread for the daily goal setter

How I’m using my goal setting planner

My goals for the next six months largely revolve around my blog as well as getting strong so they are the goals I’ve worked on. I started with my long term goals which are the dream big type goals and then I began breaking them down into smaller goals, before they became daily tasks. Setting up my month and week like this allows me to focus on things each day which really helps with my family and work life balance.

I’ve really enjoyed trying to be creative with the monthly spreads and make them colourful, themed and personal so that I can add a bit of my own personality to this planner.

Using mal paper daily goal setting planner for gratitude and inspriration

This planner has a few inspirational quotes, space to write daily affirmations as well as a chance for gratitude and reflection. I think these are really important things when it comes to personal development and I know personally when I use affirmations and focus on gratitude each day I feel better about myself and I feel much more accomplished in what I do.

It does take time to build this into a habit but I think having a structured planner really helps me to set up my day, plan content I need to write and I can set myself tasks in bursts so I don’t compromise spending time with my family.

Why I love using planners

Planners really help me feel organised for the day, week or month ahead. I’ve used a variety of ones before and this is a great option for ticking pretty much every box. It’s great to have a planner focused on goal setting specifically and daily to do lists. It has really helped me prioritise my tasks for the day ahead too. I like that there is space for affirmations and gratitude but mostly I have been using this to get my to do list sorted out and help me be productive throughout the day. This planner is a pretty good all rounder and I particularly like the section for weekly and monthly reflection as that helps me set better goals for the following week.

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