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You all know the feeling when you want to spruce up your home, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. This feeling is multiplied when it’s applied to every room in your house. Perhaps you’re feeling the itch to give your home a makeover, but you’re not sure where to start. Perhaps you have a tight budget, and whilst you’d like to redo every room in your house, it won’t quite stretch that far. You have a choice between focusing on one room or spreading out your efforts to upgrade every area by just a touch. Well, if you choose to go down this road, there are some simple upgrades you can use for each room to get maximum results with minimum effort.


The best way to completely change your bedroom without breaking a sweat (or the bank) is by new soft furnishings. If you can upgrade your sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases to a stylish new option, you’ll be well on the way to feeling like you’re living in a brand new space. When purchasing new bedsheets, consider colour and material so you make sure you’re really treating yourself.


If you’re anything like most people, you’ll be constantly on the hunt for ways to find more space in your kitchen. Whether it’s more room to work on the counter or easier organisation in your cupboards, having a neatly arranged kitchen is half the battle. Rather than settle for cheap plastic shelves, investing in iron storage solutions is the best way to upgrade your kitchen without resorting to a complete do-over. By using high-quality metal fixtures, you can solve your storage problems whilst adding a touch of style at the same time.


Believe it or not, bathrooms are a wonderful place to start cultivating a collection of house plants that will make your neighbour’s garden feel inadequate. The damp conditions of a bathroom are absolutely perfect for plants such as ferns, which will thrive with almost no watering at all in such a location. You might not immediately think of the bathroom as a place to keep plants, but you’ll never look back. They add colour and life, and fill the air with oxygen, leaving you feeling refreshed, and just as fresh as if you’d had a whole new system installed.

Living Room

In order to spruce up this area of your house, you don’t need to buy anything, or even to add anything in particular. Instead, why not try breathing fresh life into the room simply by rearranging it. Moving sofas and other furniture items around can make you look at a space in a whole new way, and see all the possibilities that you’ve been missing up until now.


If you’re lucky enough to have a separate study room in your house, it’s important that you don’t let it become a stuffy, neglected area. After all, this is where you want to be able to focus and be at your most productive! To help inspire your work, why not invest in a work of art or a painting you love, to brighten up the walls and give you something to gaze at whilst you cook up your latest plans. It doesn’t need a full makeover, just a bit of colour and interest.

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