Felix at 13 Months

Celebrating Felix’s first birthday at the start of the month was really nice. We had a great day at Legoland as a family and got on a few rides. The weather was nice too which was great. This last year has been so busy and watching Felix grow, change and develop has been a real priveledge. He is such a happy little boy and has a lot of love to give.

Physical Development

Felix isn’t walking yet. I thought he might be by now but I think he just realises how quick he can get places by crawling. I know he will get there when he’s ready but it does make going out quite tough sometimes as he wants to be out of the pushchair, highchair or not being held. However, it’s not always safe to pop him down. He can cruise around the furniture with ease. He can pull himself up, reach down for things he drops with one hand, squat and get back up again. He is now climbing up and down the sofa. We are trying to teach him to climb back down backwards to keep him safe. He can also get himself out of his highchair straps and tries to get out of there too.

His pincer grip is getting stronger and he has mimicked clapping two objects together. He loves to knock down towers of bricks too. He very much plays with his toys now and of course one of his favourite games is throwing something down for you to pick back up again. He will hand me objects or try to put his dummy in my mouth which often ends with him punching me in the nose! He now likes to discard things by throwing them behind his back and is starting to try and put things together like putting the lid on his bottle.

Social Development

He is making lots of funny noises with his mouth at the moment like clicking his tongue and doing a sort of fish face. He has also started giving kisses to his teddies and to me, usually in the morning when I get him out of bed. Felix is constantly chattering away which is so lovely to hear. He is really practising all the sounds and shouts, screeches and has had more moments of that big belly laugh. He sometimes nods and shakes his head if we ask him questions but it’s usually with a smile and then the opposite reaction straight away. He does make us all laugh.

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