Felix at Seven Months Old

Felix at 7 Months

Celebrating seven months of being a mum of two and getting through my baby boy’s first horrible cold and proper spell of teething. It’s been a hard month. When babies get colds they take such a long time to recover. He was full of snuffles, sniffles and snot. He was teething, he was trying to crawl and it was all just a very chaotic month. I’m glad he’s much better now.

Baby Boy Felix in Pushchair aged seven months


Felix is often chatting to his toys, whilst he’s playing, to us in the morning and to Evie whenever she comes in the room. He is making lots of different sounds and really sounds like he’s saying “Mummmmm” when he’s sad or wants a change. He often shouts out for attention with a short, loud vowel sound which is quite funny and it’s often followed by a smile from him. He has a lot of whines, cries and moans too. He blows a lot of spit bubbles and raspberries and is just getting used to moving his mouth. His laugh is infectious and very throaty, it makes us all laugh!

Physical Development

At seven months Felix can not sit unaided and has no interest in trying. He will pull himself into more of a sitting position on my lap to look around or look on the floor if he drops something. He loves bouncing in his jumperoo and if he gets bored he has started putting his arms to me to get out. He will bounce when being held up too.

He is constantly flipping onto his front now and is moving about on the floor with a sort of belly shuffle. He will try and reach out and move towards a toy he wants and is very determined. He will do little baby push ups and get onto his hands and then onto his knees and moves them as if he wants to crawl but hasn’t quite got the movement coordinated yet. It’s great seeing him change so much though.

Baby Boy in Cosatto Woosh XL Pram during recent sunshine with cute blue bear hat


We have sort of adopted a bit of a weird weaning method which has leaned towards traditional weaning more. Felix is quite lazy when it comes to food and does seem to enjoy being fed from a spoon more so we have been using purees however in the last week or so he has been copying us more so we are going to introduce more finger foods and start giving him more of what we are having. He now has two meals a day but they’re not really in any routine and he’s having around five bottles of 5 or 6 ounces. He is not a hungry baby – not compared to Evangeline, who was drinking 8 ounces and quickly loved food. He does seem very content though!

Felix Eating Puree whilst weaning at 7 months old

So far we’ve stuck to fruit and veg. He’s had some dairy from yoghurt and cheese which he hasn’t seemed too fussed about. He doesn’t like things to be too cold unless he’s teething then a bit of pear has worked really well for him to chomp on. He will steal food and is much more interested in trying what we have. I had avocado on toast the other day which he took from my hands and every time I picked up a new piece he wanted what I had so I think we will have great success eating side by side with him.


His day time sleep is very broken and there isn’t as much as a routine anymore. Sometimes he needs four naps a day, sometimes just two. He is going longer between naps and can usually cope with about three hours of awake time before needing a rest. He will go down for the night anytime from 6.30-7pm and awake around 5.30 am. He is very much an early riser. I’m very glad he sleeps through with just a few wake ups every now and then at the moment but the lack of sleep during the day sometimes make it quite hard to get things done.

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