Felix at 8 Months

Felix is now 8 months old. I have no idea what he weighs as I haven’t taken him to the clinic. Now we have a car we may do but he is growing, he’s eating well, he’s moving well, he’s sleeping well so I kind of feel weight shouldn’t be an issue. He is supposed to have the 9-12 month development check soon so I’m sure they will weigh him then.

He’s going to need to move into some of his 9-12 month clothes shortly as he’s just very long. He’s very slender though so things that fit him well over the bottom aren’t really good with the length. Still at least it’s summer now so he can wear a few less layers.

Baby boy in Fox onesie playing with colourful building blocks


Felix is commando crawling everywhere now and occassionally gets up on his knees to crawl too. He is starting to take one hand off the floor to reach up to things and pull himself onto things but not quite pulling himself to standing. He now sleeps on his front because he flips onto it as soon as he’s ready to sleep. He sleeps better than when we tried to flip him back as he would just wake up and cry. We’ve also transitioned into a cot from his co-sleeper crib and he’s done brilliantly in there for the last week.

baby boy Felix in blue hooded romper with green cactus print in Prezzo Weymouth


He is very vocal and chatty now saying mum ma mum ma, dadada and nanana amongst all the other little noises. He has a great cough-laugh which makes me laugh a lot. He likes to look in the mirror and he’s very smiley. He also whines and whinges a lot at this age to get our attention if he wants picking up. It’s different from the cry he would usually do.

8 month old baby boy commando crawling around hotel floor


He is now on three meals a day with a variety of purees and finger foods. We offer him water with his meals and he’s still having five bottles of 6oz of formula milk. He wakes up around 5.30 am and is usually ready for bed by 6.30pm. He likes a bit of a change of scenery from time to time but if we go out he can get a bit of FOMO and sometimes won’t nap which can lead to him becoming overtired. We had a night away in half term and he did really well with a different bed so hopefully when we’re on holiday next month he will do well sleeping there too.

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