Felix at Two Months

I wanted to do monthly updates of Felix as he grows but that kind of went out of the window as things have just been so strange. Really we’ve just been soaking in that newborn stage but now things really seem to be falling into place and I can’t quite believe I’m sharing how he’s grown in the last two months with you. Firstly, my recovery is going well however I still can’t walk as fast as I did. I question if it’s just healing and the muscle damage from surgery was quite a lot but I’m trying to walk more and pick it up. I get tired very quickly when walking, I know part of that is my weight as well and carrying around excess fat whilst recovering from abdominal surgery was never going to be completely smooth sailing. Some friends have recommended getting some Physio and it’s something I’m going to look into!

Felix is doing really well. He has his 8 week jabs coming up in a couple of weeks and was last weighed at his doctors check. He came in at 11lb2oz and is following the 50th centile. I’m planning to get him weighed again just before Christmas to see how he’s doing but he’s outgrowing his 0-3 month clothes, is having plenty of wet and dirty nappies and is generally a pretty contented baby. I feel he’s taking after me a little bit, he’s an early riser and very smiley and happy in the mornings, but come the afternoons he has trouble getting to sleep and napping, gets quite grouchy and fussy then falls asleep around 8pm and then he’s done until 5-6am – this has been gradually getting longer since he was about five weeks old which I really did not expect. Evie was not good and it took until three months for her to sleep 11-5am which was her pattern for quite a while, and she seems to have decided to copy that pattern again now as she is once again in bed very late and up so early.

Felix smiles, makes lots of lovely cooing noises and gurgles and he can really scream. That seems to happen the most when he’s really hungry or he’s headbutted us too hard. He’s starting to enjoy playing and cuddling his soft toys now and likes following you around the room. We’ve put the Christmas tree up but he hasn’t really focused on that yet. He does seem to like music and is quite partial to an episode or two of Strictly Come Dancing (which I have become obsessed with).


  1. Looks like he is growing well and sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job! x

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