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Switching from Glasses to Contact Lenses

Glasses to Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses? It’s not something I’ve ever really considered despite wearing glasses for well over ten years now. I am forever forgetting where I’ve put my glasses or losing them and replacing a pair can cost a small fortune when you’re considering what frames to buy. I do like that glasses can be used as a bit of a fashion statement and there are so many colourful frames now, however, as a parent (who has had her fair share of snapped frames thanks to children) expensive, designer glasses just aren’t really a necessary expense. So, I’ve been considering contact lenses. They’re easy to replace, cheaper to buy and there is a great range of brands to find the best lenses for you.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Contact Lenses

Focus Dailies lenses are a great option for me because they’re really affordable, you can, as you would in the opticians, have different strengths for each eye and are daily lenses that provide you with hygienic, healthy vision with zero fuss. A month supply at Vision Direct currently costs £13.49 which is a great, affordable price. There are loads of great reasons to consider buying your Focus Dailies from Vision Direct but I think the next day delivery is one of the best perks. Like I said having children, things are easy to break or go “missing” so knowing I can order, particularly with SMS reordering, the exact amount I need, whenever I need them and not having to wait until the end of the week to receive them, is a huge bonus. Daily lenses also sounds like a great option for me because they are for all day comfort. Focus Dailies lenses in particular are great for those that have dry eyes as they allow more oxygen to get to the eye, have a high water content and are made from super-breathable Nelfilcon A. The flexibility of ordering what and how much you want also makes this a really affordable option in place of high street direct debits and I am all about saving money wherever I can.

vision direct focus dailies all day comfort contact lenses

Ordering Focus Dailies with Vision Direct

I was so impressed with how easy the website was to use and order. The contact lenses came the next day which was really impressive and came with a months supply of Focus Dailies all day comfort lenses with a small bottle of everclear drops. Each contact lens is in it’s own case and the Focus Dailies are for single daily use as it clearly states on the packaging. Usually when ordering new glasses I have to wait around a week to ten days so having something come so quickly is a real benefit. You can clearly see the prescription on the lid of the lenses so you know which one is for which eye if you need a different prescription for each eye.

focus dailies all day comfort contact lenses

Why Switch to Contact Lenses?

There are lots of reasons people might switch to contact lenses, but for me, it’s a case of just popping them in when I wake up and then not having to worry about misplacing them for the rest of the day. I love that I will be able to switch from working at home to the school run without changing glasses and what’s more, not having to buy prescription sunglasses for those rare sunny days. That means I have much more freedom of choice and can choose a pair of sunglasses I really like rather than considering prescription lenses. I do a lot of swimming as well as aqua fit so the best way to protect my contact lenses and prevent irritation is to use a decent pair of swim goggles.

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