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British Politics: How I Feel About Brexit

Politics is something I rarely write about on my blog but now a week has past since we cast our vote and I wanted to pen down some of my thoughts and feelings. This could be a mistake…mainly because I know recent politics have really divided our country and I know it’s a bit of a controversial topic to go in to. I will say that I am proud to be one of the 48% that voted to remain within the EU last week. But my household was divided, my family all had different views as I talked about in this post, and in the aftermath we’ve all been discussing it.

I was not shocked with David Cameron’s resignation either. He said he would and for once a politician has kept a pledge and I understand why. I wouldn’t be able to lead negotiations in something I thought was wrong either. At least in this one area he is sticking with his beliefs. He has also made a breakthrough with the LGBTQ community with making marriage legal. Despite being heterosexual, this means a lot to me and I am proud to support that. So we’re going to be getting a new PM and I am crying out for a general election.

I have a lot of personal opinions when it comes to politics and I do not support and will never vote for the Conservatives. I am a Labour lady, I am proud of that and I am actually a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn. I know there are people that disagree with me, and I do not want him to resign from his leadership. I know that he wasn’t at the forefront of the campaign to remain, which doesn’t really bother me. I wasn’t voting for a politician, I was adding my voice to help our government make a decision. The entire referendum campaign on both sides was just awful. Both parties wanted to control people through fear and that is not something I will ever condone. Brexit was lead by two politicians who’s views I just don’t agree with, they do not sit well with me and I don’t think they ever will.

So my vote didn’t win but then again I can’t really say it’s a clear majority for those that voted to leave either. In the grand scheme of things it was around a million more votes to the leave side, but I don’t see that as a majority. I would have seen a majority vote being 80% more on the leave side but it wasn’t. Either way, a vote has been cast and the only change I’ve seen is a lot of poor, xenophobic and racist behaviour. No longer are Brits keeping their stiff upper lip and moaning about whatever they want behind closed doors, keeping their hatred rational and private but they are outwardly shaming people in the street. Whats more some of these vile outbursts have been towards children and it absolutely disgusts me. I want to be clear, I know that not every leave voter is a racist xenophobe with nothing but hate in their heart, just as I know not every remain voter is moaning and bitter about the result – a lot of us are just sat here, getting the kids ready for school and fighting the usual daily battles that come with life. But their are some that are making Britain feel like an unsafe place to live.

I honestly thought racism was behind us. I mean, I agree, that if people choose to come and live and work here then they need to appreciate that we are a western country with a Christian foundation – I am not religious at all, I mean, the Church of England was founded so that the King could get divorced, says a lot about us doesn’t it…anyway, I digress…I have no problem with a multicultural society but I also think political correctness has gone a bit too far and we’re so focused by pleasing everybody. I respect that when I visit other countries I need to adapt, and I think that should be expected of people that choose to migrate or visit here.

Politics is a funny thing but the idea behind Brexit was not to form a racist nation. What I will never, ever do is want to make this country unsafe and it seems that a minority of people are doing just that to others and that is not right. I never thought that I would wake up one day and be ashamed of living in a country so full of hate for migrants. It’s ridiculous!

Instead of blaming migrants for coming here and “taking all our jobs” that companies exploit by paying lower wages, why don’t we blame the lazy that can’t be bothered to work – trust me, there are some, and what makes me ashamed is that they are people my age or younger. Instead of blaming migrants for claiming all our benefits, why aren’t we trying to change our welfare system so that people stop having kids to get bigger houses? A certain interview on This Morning a few weeks ago with a mum of like, 12 kids comes to mind, or Josie Cunningham, didn’t she get a boob job on the NHS by playing the system? Surely the system is wrong then, rather than people that just want to come and live here?

I am not scared of change, I am not scared for my daughters future, well, I am, but not because of Brexit – which is a horrible threat to make, by the way, saying you have ruined your children’s lives…what I’m worried about is this behaviour from others as a result of the referendum, especially when we haven’t actually left the EU yet, and all this let’s call 24th June Independence Day, what a dickish thing to say. I’m also concerned that the few that are wanting to run for Tory leadership do not sit right with me at all. They’re not going to move this country forward. Perhaps it’s time for a major shake up within British politics. MP’s need to reconnect with their constituencies and the people that live in them rather than making up assumptions. Politicians need to stop controlling this nation with fear and using scaremongering tactics. Everyone needs to pull together and move forward united.

***Politics can be a controversial subject. Before commenting, please appreciate that this is my own personal view, I am not trying to force what I think on anyone. I am happy to discuss and debate but I will not tolerate any abuse posted on this blog. Please respect that. If you have nothing healthy, happy or balanced to say, then it’s best not to say anything. Thank you.***



  1. I agree, politics is super personal – it’s brave to throw your opinion out there. I think a lot of people feel the same way as you. I live in Ireland & was really shocked at the decision I thought the vote would be to stay. It will be interesting to see what happens next. England is a strong country & will continue that way I think, although there might be some turmoil in the next couple years. x

    1. Author

      I am worried too, you’re not alone in that. We really do need to pull together and show that racism is not okay. There are better ways to move forward than through hate and control.

  2. The rise in racist behaviour has been the worst thing about Brexit and I hope it is something that is nipped in the bud very sharply because it just isn’t acceptable. I was also in the 48% voting remain and was quite devastated by the result. I do think a big shake-up in politics is needed and it will interesting to see what the coming weeks bring. We do need to start to work together whatever the future holds and try and make this decision a positive one.

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