How to freshen up your personal spaces

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We all have our personal spaces that we want to keep smelling fresh from our homes, cars and offices. I wanted to share a few tips with you on how I keep my personal areas smelling and feeling fresh. 

Air Fresheners

When it comes to your personal spaces, such as your car, the most obvious way to keep it smelling fresh is by using an Air Freshener. There are loads of options and scents available. We have had our first family car for less than a year now and as Adam makes the most of it he usually choices the scent we use. I personally think in such a closed space scents like ‘fresh linen’ or ‘cotton’ work really well. I think neutral scents work really well just because the whole family travels in the car and I wouldn’t want anything too overwhelming for the children. It’s good to choose a scent that works well for everyone and you can find a range of Air Fresheners available online here

In the home I think we mostly use air fresheners in places like the bathroom where we don’t have a window. It’s very hard to get a bit of fresh air in the bathroom with no access to a window but that’s just one of the issues of living in a flat. In the bathroom I like scents that smell clean like citrus smells or pine. I know these scents can be quite strong and not being able to open a window when I’m cleaning the bathroom can make it a bit overwhelming so it’s something I’m mindful off and try to keep air freshener to a minimum. 


Obviously when you’ve got kids in the car every so often it’s going to need a good clean on the inside as well as the outside. A valeting service can do wonders for keeping the car smelling and feeling fresh every so often. In the home, as I said above, I like to use ‘clean’ smelling products. This can be done with a natural, made at home cleanser such as white vinegar, water and a few drops of essential oils. If you prefer just cleaning with water but want a change in the scent of the home then sometimes a drop or two of a natural scent or oil can make a huge difference. 

Fresh Air

I am getting into the habit of getting the windows open for a few minutes every day to help when I’m cleaning the home. Living in a flat with an entrance into a communal hallway means unless the windows are open, the air feels heavy and stagnant. Even in the winter when it’s cold opening the windows and getting some air into the home can really make a difference and actually really helps improve my mood too. It’s great because opening the windows costs nothing and if you do it whilst you’re active such as already cleaning or moving about then you won’t really feel the cold much anyway! It’s a bit harder to do in the car as you want to keep the cold and rain out but in the summer driving with the windows opening rather than the air con can feel so much better! 

So there are my tips for freshening up your personal space, do you have anything more to add?

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