I’m a Fluxter and Proud – #OwnTheFlow

A few weeks ago I began a collaboration with Flux, a UK based period subscription box and have just recently had my box come through the post! I have to say I am really impressed. Each box starts from £3.50, comes once a month and is in discreet, perfect letterbox fit packaging. Periods aren’t exactly the best thing for a lot of us ladies and it’s not great to be caught short…you know, like that guy who is protesting tampon tax thinks…so having a little box come every month just before you’re due means you won’t be caught short.

flux period subscription box

So how does it work?
Flux works by you creating your ideal box. You can choose between pads or tampons, the size, how well the absorb, if you need pantyliners before or after and thicker pads for night time comfort…fantastic. They are covering the whole of your period and they know every woman has a different flow. My box came with a mix which included five pads and five tampons.

Who is it for?
Every woman that is having periods. This is the sort of thing I would like to do for my daughter when the time comes because it’s not nice when it first happens and you feel crappy and a little box like this would be nice and mean that there’s always a supply personalised to them in the home.

What’s in the box?
So of course there’s the supply of pads and/or tampons. You choose your preference so each box is personal to you. The box comes with your supply for your period and also a little grouped up handbag size selection so that you can pop it in should you be expecting to come on in the next few days. for now period flux box

Each box also came with a lovely bar of chocolate and two bags of tea. Chocolate and tea is good for the soul and can really help when you’re feeling a bit down and hormonal thanks to Mother Nature.

pukka tea, flux period subscription box, what tea comes with period subscription boxThe chocolate bar in the pack isn’t just you’re everyday Freddo either, it’s a good quality, yummy chocolate bar which makes all the difference. Mine was a belgian white chocolate and raspberry bar with a dark chocolate drizzle from The Chocolate Place.

the chocolate place flux period subscription box

I also got a Welcome to the Club showing the colours of the different types of pads and the lovely newsletter which has a monthly mind boggler, a warm and welcome introduction, some interesting information about strong women, this month featuring Gloria Steinem and they are doing some good for women truly in need.

Flux has been able to make it’s first donation to a homeless drop in centre. Flux want to make sure that all woman have access to the protection they need for their periods, especially the homeless and vulnerable. There message is something I completely agree with and feel strongly about because they don’t want to just provide women with these products but dignity. You can find out more at thehomelessperiod.com

What are you waiting for?
Head on over to Flux right now and get started on your monthly box! It’s for the same price you’d be spending in stores anyway but is delivered regularly and with treats. Plus you’ll be helping vulnerable women. What’s not to like? If you’re happy with your box feel free to share the message on social media with @fluxboxes and #owntheflow

Disclaimer: I was send a box from Flux for the purpose of this reviews. I genuinely think this is awesome and all opinions remain my own.


  1. I’m still breastfeeding like Nadia too but this is really cool. I love the idea of getting tea and chocolate in the pack as well. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  2. Great idea! That said, I’ve only had one period since January 2014 owing to being pregnant, breastfeeding and then pregnant again! Can’t say I miss it! #bestandworst

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