Thanks for Coming Through from Instagram

I really appreciate you coming over from Instagram. I’m sure you’re looking for my latest posts which I have recommended in my lastest update. You can find below

You might be looking for a bit more information about me. In short, my name is Kayleigh, some call me Kat, thanks to my @KatCandyfloss alias across Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I’m a mum of two and I’m based in Hampshire. You can read more about my story on my About Me page.

Alternatively you might be looking for ways to contact me which you can do so here or feel free to email me directly [email protected]

I also run two other blogs talking about body positivity, positive thinking and mental wellbeing and which is a travel blog focusing on cruise and caravan holidays with my family.

If you’re a brand, PR or other client then you may be interested in my media pack which you can read here.

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