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January 2019 Goals

This year I’ve decided to split my goals up into monthly blocks so that I can, hopefully, do and achieve more. I’ve tried to make them manageable but also a little out of my usual comfort zone so that I can really work towards something I want.

I’ve decided against resolutions as such but I do have a word of the year. My word for 2019 is:

Word of the Year is More, MORE on purple crystal background

This means in 2019 I want to do more of the things I love rather than giving up or stopping things. I will be swapping things around a little bit and I’ve given myself a few monthly challenges for the year to hopefully help me get healthier, happier and enjoy my time more.

My goals for January are:

  • Lose 1 Stone – I’m not going to do weekly weigh ins for this as I think that’s counter productive for me and I don’t want to focus too much on numbers but I equally know I need to get rid of some excess fat. So I am going to weigh in and measure on 1st January and then do it again on 31st January to see if I’ve made some progress.
  • Eat More Veggies – alongside this we are challenging ourselves to try more Vegan and Vegetarian meals as well as cutting out dairy and gluten. I’m inspired by Veganuary and I think this will help me be more creative with my meals and try more things. As for the dairy and gluten I just want a lighter month on the food front, I’ve been trying more plant based milks recently and I kind of want to ditch cheese.
  • Swim More – I love swimming and I am hoping to get out and use the Gym membership I haven’t really used since August due to pregnancy and then recovery. I want to swim at least once a week and plan to go in the evenings when Adam is now home to be here with the kids.
  • Dance More – another bid to make use of my membership and hopefully help with losing one stone so I am going to give Zumba a go. I really enjoy it when I do it and I think it will really help!
  • Earn £500 – more of a business goal but I really want to work on making a full time income from self employment. I’ve steadily grown since becoming self employed in 2015 and despite not working as much in 2018 I have done fairly well. I’m going to focus on having more structure to my working day and seeking out more opportunities.
  • Increase my Instagram followers by 25% – I want to do this because I really like Instagram and I want to get better at taking photos. I’m going to become much more active on there in January so I can hopefully, by the end of 2019, be at that crucial 10,000 followers mark. I’m going to look for photography challenges to join in with, get more active on stories, find more accounts I want to follow and just generally be much more active on there.

What are your goals for the month or the new year and what are you doing to keep track of them?

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