Looking After the Home Now That the Rain is Back

Looking After the Home Now That the Rain is Back

It’s been a beautiful summer here in the United Kingdom. Weeks of sun and gloriously hot weather – admittedly, maybe a little too hot at times – have given us a record-breaking summer. Alas, all good things do come to an end and the rain has returned.

It’s not all bad, however, because now gardens and public parks actually have green grass once more, as opposed to the dying yellow blades that covered the nation. Of course, that does mean we have to dust off the lawnmower as the lawn is growing again – it was nice not having to cut the grass, but it does look better.

With the return of the rain, mowing the lawn isn’t the only job we have to keep our homes looking homely. The turn of the weather can be a nuisance to those of us who want to keep a tidy home.


Only weeks after tossing and turning in bed for hours because you couldn’t sleep due to the unbearable heat, the prospect of turning the heating back on sounds ludicrous, I know. Once we hit the autumn months, however, it doesn’t take long for the temperature to plummet and you will be desperate for your home’s heaters to be keeping you warm.

The change in the weather can also be to blame for unwanted colds and sniffles, with our bodies and immune systems used to a warmer climate. If you are the sort that tries to make do without putting the heating on until you absolutely have to, you could be in for one or two bouts of the sniffles.

Damp in the Home

Damp can rear its ugly head at any time of the year, but it goes without saying that it is much more common an issue in autumn and winter. When the weather becomes colder, we are less likely to open up windows in the home, but this is essential for allowing moisture in the air to ventilate.

If you don’t open up windows – especially in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen where there is running water – you are increasing the chances of mould spores forming on walls and window sills. As well as condensation, damp timber in the home can be a breeding ground for parasites such as woodworm that can require treatment in order to remove.

Top tip – if you notice small holes in wood and/or sawdust on the floor, this is a sign of a woodworm infestation in the home and should be given immediate attention.

Interior and Exterior Lighting


You may have already noticed the nights becoming darker earlier and earlier. Soon, it will be dark when you leave for work in the morning and head home at night, so it is important that our homes are well lit, and not just on the inside.

The dark is the opportunist’s playground, where creepers will lurk in search of any opportunity to break into the home and come away with your precious valuable. The number one priority of any burglar is not to be seen by 1. the homeowner and 2. anyone in the neighbourhood. If the outside of your home doesn’t already have a security light, then make sure to get one, because all that it can take to ward off thieves is a bright light, illuminating both the home and themselves to the neighbours.

Inside the home, you will be relying on artificial lighting a lot more during the autumn and winter with no natural sunlight in the evenings. This means that you may notice the difference when the energy bill comes through your door (or in your inbox, as is the case in 2018). If you are smart, though, and invest in energy-saving bulbs, your home will be illuminated for a fraction of the cost.

Yes, it is sad that summer is almost over, but there is still a lot to look forward to this year. With Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas all coming in the next few months, there simply isn’t enough time to miss the sun!

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