Making a Rented House a Home with Personal Decor

This is a collaborative post.

When renting in the past I have often questioned how much decorating I am able to do. Some landlords are flexible and some are not however decor, in my eyes, is what makes a house a home. Decoration allows you to add a few personal touches to each room and really make it feel your own. It helps a house feel lived in. I think Landlords like to keep walls in particular clear so they can see any issues or damage should they need to make a claim on their landlords insurance.

Potted plants can make a real change to a room if you want to add a bit of colour

If you’re unable to paint the walls you might be able to use peel and stick adhesives which are easy to remove. There are all kinds of sizes which can add a personal touch to the home. Some are huge murals and some are more like posters. These can usually be peeled away from the wall without any kind of damage or residue left and it’s something worth considering. Another way of adding a bit of color to the walls could be applying posters with washi tape. I’ve found you can make a creative looking frame with washi tape which is very quick and easy to remove.

If you’re unable to change the flooring or carpets then you can add some personal touches of decor easily with rugs. I find a rug can really change a room and make it feel warmer. Not to mention they’re easy to move if you need to as they can be rolled up and they’re quicker and easier to clean than carpet. There are plenty of places offering affordable rugs too. We recently got a good size rug for our living room for £20. We needed one as our floor in our living room is solid and can feel really cold in the winter as we have car parking underneath our building.

Your personal style of furniture in each room can make a big difference to the decor

Other options can be adding photos in photo frames around the home and having them laid out on bookshelves, the mantlepiece, desks and window sills. This then doesn’t damage the wall and you’re not limited to just having photos of family. You could consider framing some prints of artwork you like if you are looking to create a theme in a room.

Other personal items such as candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and room sprays can make a huge difference to a room. If you’re not allowed to use candles then you can get electronic versions of wax melts. I find a scent can really help change a room too and make it feel more homely, especially if it’s a favourite one.

Little items of decor like plants, books and ceramics can make a house feel more like a home

Lastly when it comes to personalising bedrooms I find having colourful bedding can bring a neutral bedroom to life. I’ve seen a white room with bright rainbow bedding and it’s made a huge difference. Adding throws and cushions can also add plenty of personality to a room. You may be able to add your own curtains too or if the furniture is your own you could consider adding a bit of colour to it or upcycling something. When Adam moved in with us he brought a chest of drawers which we placed in Evie’s room and then I painted three of the drawers to give it a bit of colour and personality. She absolutely loved the effect it created.

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