Mid Year Reading Challenge Update

This year I’ve been challenging myself to read more and aiming for 52 books in total. At this point in time I’m ahead and around 75% done but this could all change if I hit a reading slump so I’m reluctant to increase my total right now. I seem to be averaging around seven books a month which is quite good for me. I read fast but I often take breaks between books to do life things like parent…and with the current pandemic affecting school and routine I haven’t had a lot of quiet time to myself lately!

My first book of the year was A Curse so Dark and Lonely and my most recent (at time of writing) update was Incendiary. I’m at book 39 so yes, very close to reaching my goal and if I do increase it then I’ll probably increase it to about 80 books for 2020 but again, we will see.

I’ve noticed I’ve become a bit fairer in my good reads ratings and not just automatically 4/5 starring a book. Don’t get me wrong I’ve read some fantastic reads this year but I’ve also struggled with a few. One thing I’ve really liked is how book boxes have helped me get out of my comfort zone and read a few I wouldn’t have thought to read before. I’ve done some fun unboxings on my youtube channel too.

It’s hard to say what my favourite read has been so far but I’ve loved Chain of Gold, Nevernight, Hold Back the Tide and Crescent City. I wasn’t too keen on Havenfall, The Sisters Grimm and The Beautiful. I have got a jam packed TBR shelf in my living room though so I will need to unhaul some books soon I think!

a picture of a black bookshelf full of books, mostly fantasy.
my to be read bookshelf

My to be read for July includes Girl, Serpent, Thorn, Fated (a reread, but it’s been years) The Court of Miracles, The Mermaid, The Witch and The Sea and I want to finish The Library of the Unwritten. As I’ve been getting more into a bookish aesthetic IG account I’ve also started a hashtag #bookchatwithkat to share reviews and hopefully connect with other readers too!

One of my goals for 2020 is to read 52 books or around one a week. Some might be new, some are ones I’ve had for a while or been meaning to read, some I haven’t quite finished yet and some will be recommendations from others. You can see all the books I’ve read so far on my Good Reads 2020 Reading Challenge.

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