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My Second Trimester Is Over

The Second Trimester of my second pregnancy is done! The second trimester is usually around 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy or, months four, five and six. I am now, almost, 29 weeks pregnant and that means we are welcoming or waddling into the third trimester after a relatively easy pregnancy so far. I’ve now had my first Doula antenatal appointment as well as met with my consultant and had my 28 week midwife check.

How Did I Find the Second Trimester?

The second trimester has been really pretty normal to be honest. We’ve had plenty of scans and did a little gender reveal after our anomoly scan at 20 weeks. All my tests have come back normal, my energy levels have been a bit up and down. I have talked about how I’ve had a bit of suffering with my mental health but having open conversations with loved ones really improved that for me and I was soon back on track. I’ve been sleeping relatively well too which is great. I haven’t felt much discomfort apart from a few bits of sciatica and a few kicks to the bladder from baby which has been so lovely. Mostly I feel pretty good and confident I am making the right choices when it comes to the birth. I’m actually pretty excited about the birth although I’m sure that will change in the next few weeks. We have decided not to book in with any Antenatal classes as I’m getting all the information I need from my Doula and have booked hypnobirthing classes in July and August instead. I’ve also read a lot of books and feel like I know so much more about what my body is capable of. I have a lot more faith in myself and my body this pregnancy.

How Am I Looking at the end of the Second Trimester?

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How Am I Feeling at the end of the Second Trimester?

Our scan at 21 weeks showed we are having a baby boy and this did come with a bit of gender anxiety but actually I’m really excited to have a son and can’t wait to meet him.
I am, like most mothers would be, anxious about this last stage of pregnancy. Birth is getting closer and I am adamant to have as positive birth as I possibly can. I have already written up a birth plan with thanks to my Doula and I’ve talked it through with my midwife and consultant.
I am still a little anxious about adjusting to life as a family of four especially with Adam due to start University around our due date in the Autumn.

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Weight Gain in Second Trimester?

Weight at start of the year: 120kg
Weight at Booking in: 120kg
Weight at 25 Weeks: 123kg
Weight at 28 Weeks: 125.5kg

Total Weight gain so far: 5.5kg – apparently for someone of my BMI I should try and keep my weight gain under 11kg and as I’ve got to the third trimester with pretty minimal weight gain, I’m really happy with this. I’m confident any extra weight will mostly be baby, uterus and water weight.

Any Concerns?

Not really. I am pretty confident I am going to get the positive VBAC birth I want and I feel really prepared. I have thought about all the other options and what having a c-section would mean, obviously I do not want to have that type of surgery again but in an emergency situation I know what to expect and how I can help myself.

Any Symptoms?

Not really. I still have some nasal congestion but I’m no longer continuously gagging. I don’t feel any sickness. I’m still sleeping okay which is absolutely amazing. I’m actually finding I’ve been able to stay awake in the evenings until about 11pm and getting up around 6am. Most of the times it’s all the way through too which is very nice. I’m trying to keep up with drinking plenty of water and eating as well as I can but there are times I am finding myself so hungry. I also find I fill up quite quickly and I suppose that is where baby is pushing against everything now. I’m not really in any pain or have many aches and the sciatica hasn’t really returned. Some positions I’m finding uncomfortable when sitting and my centre of gravity has absolutely changed. The second trimester has been pretty okay though for me and I hope that continues for as long as possible.

What’s Next?

I have two 90 minute hypnobirthing sessions booked in for July and August and I’m going to be continuing with reading Mindful Hypnobirthing and using the recommended relaxation tracks. I am hoping to continue Aquafit for as long as possible. There is more midwife appointments to come and I want to get my hospital bag packed and ready. We want to get the Chicco Next 2 Me Crib and Pram purchased in August too so that’s high on our list of priorities. I’m looking forward to my next antenatal with my Doula where we are going to go a bit more in depth with birth affirmations and how I visualise my birth space to make sure oxytocin is flowing through labour. I have a growth scan coming up too which will be a nice chance to see baby again although I have to admit I don’t really care too much about his predicted weight. It wasn’t very accurate when I had Evie.

What Has Helped This Pregnancy

Here are a few products that I’ve loved using this pregnancy and might help you too.

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