Needing More Space as our Family Grows

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With a new baby in the home it is becoming more and more evident that we do not have enough space in our home and it’s really beginning to get me down. I think we will be in our council flat for at least the next two years that Adam is at University which means Felix will be in our room, in a cot bed/toddler bed with us until he is at least three. It’s going to be a tough couple of years but it needs to be done.

I’m trying to make the most of our space by keeping up with Team TOMM cleaning schedule, decluttering and only buying what we actually need. I’m also planning on selling on and donating some old clothes and baby things when Felix is too big for what we have so we continually have enough space to actually live in.

Our plans for 2019 are to carry on trying to pay off the majority of our debt which I think we are going to manage quite well if things continue going the way they are. Having student finance is really helping when it comes to paying off debt, particularly keeping on top of credit cards as whilst we are paying them off we know that if we desperately need the money it’s there to use again in just a few days time.

Once we’ve paid off the debt we have, or at least most of it, we are going to be attempting a really big savings goal between us so that we can afford to move. Getting a mortgage will be tough so we may have to private rent for a while depending on how much we can save, if we decide to relocate – for which we will need help with a removals company – and the sort of work Adam can get after he’s finished his degree. Moving is absolutely in our vision though as our space just isn’t big enough for four!

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