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Why Parents Should Help Their Child with Essays

Parents should help their child write essays because, in my opinion and experience, essay writing is actually a skill. Like many skills, a formula for successful essay writing can be constructed and taught which will, hopefully, allow children to write essays fluently, coherently and achieve good grades. For some children essay writing might come quite naturally however others may need a push or a step in the right direction. Throughout my education I have had to write essays for many different subjects and now I feel I can confidently help my own children increase their writing ability. It’s something I’ve also been able to offer support and advice to my partner who has just completed an Access course for college and is shortly off to University. Some parents may wish to pay for an essay writing service to help their child learn essay writing skills. I think this is a good idea for parents that might not be confident with their own writing ability or may wish to seek further help or advice. There are plenty of custom essay writing services available which can be an invaluable tool.

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Helping a Child Write Essays

I remember writing my first essays was quite intimidating as I didn’t really know where to start. Having a helping hand from a parent can be really beneficial as it opens up the chance for discussion and in depth understanding about a topic you might be unfamiliar with. Different subjects require different essay formats too and some may need to be more academic whilst others have the chance to get really creative. It’s very important to research a topic thoroughly which is something a parent can easily get involved in. This could be trips to the library together to find books on certain topics or perhaps even watching a film that relates to the subject of the essay together. Any further education you can provide to your children will really help them get a good grasp of the subject matter, help them understand different viewpoints and allow them to explore more creative or interesting ways of writing their essays.

As a writer myself I personally enjoy topics where I can talk about personal experience or even write creatively. I always loved writing stories and using my imagination when it came to essay writing at school and as my knowledge and interests developed I soon found I was able to write more analytical pieces and provide reports on different subjects. I particularly enjoyed analysing text and writing book reports because these allowed me to give a more personal opinion on what I was writing about and I hope this is something I can encourage in my own children. I feel that because I personally find writing relatively easy and enjoyable that I should be able to help my own children when it comes to essays they might need to write in the future.

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Getting Started with Essay Writing

For many, it’s important to start with a good plan which will enable you to write essays in a structured way. You can be really creative with a plan and helping a child to plan what they want to write about can be really beneficial. Some may like to write a few sentences or key words under headings which will allow their essay to form natural progression whereas others might like to map out their essay with a diagram. The way an essay plan is structured does not really matter as long as the child can pick up relevant points, headings and form a concise essay from the plan. Parents can help with essay planning by helping to word headings that form a good introduction, context and conclusion.

Benefits of Helping a Child Write Essays

  1. You are passing on valuable knowledge
  2. You can make it fun by showing your child creative ways to plan and write essays
  3. It’s time spent together equally learning
  4. Helping your child write essays is a great place to open up a discussion about a topic which will help improve their skills and knowledge. It may also help them think slightly differently about a topic giving the essay more balance and structure.

Does your child enjoy writing essays? How do you, as a parent, help to support them?

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