Peaceful Sleeping During Heatwaves

It’s been super hot here recently. I don’t know about you but I’ve been struggling to sleep through, especially being pregnant. I’m trying to keep the room as cool as possible but I’m getting overheated easily. Not so great when you’ve got to get up and get on with the school run or head to work. Here are some of my top tips for staying cool and sleeping through the night during a heatwave so you can stop hitting the snooze button.

  • Invest in a room cooler
  • If a room cooler is too expensive, freeze a bottle of water and place in front of a fan to circulate cooler air
  • Get net curtains so you can keep the windows open and prevent mosquito getting through
  • Keep the curtains drawn or blinds down through the day to keep the room as cool as possible
  • Change the bedding and use cotton in the warm weather
  • Have a cool bath and get your hair wet so you stay cooler for longer
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Have a good bedtime routine in place for mindfulness and a set bedtime. I use the bedtime setting on my phone so I know when to put my phone away and get into bed.
  • Maybe it’s time for a new duvet and pillows? Having a lighter tog duvet in the summer can really make a difference if you get hot overnight. If it’s too warm maybe switch to a light cotton blanket instead of a full quilt?
  • If all else fails, get your other half to sleep in the living room and starfish into the coolest, comfiest position for a great night sleep.

If you are struggling and have to get up early in the morning, consider moving things around your room. I always find having less clutter makes me feel much more at peace during the evening so having a clear and clutter free bedroom can do wonders. This resource from Happy Beds also has some great tips as to why we struggle to sleep and why we snooze.


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