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Say C’est La Vie to Oops Moments

Oops Moments Happen To Everyone!

I am always happy to discuss things that I am passionate about on this blog and today we’re talking Women’s Health. When referring to women or men’s health, we’re generally talking about the bits ‘down there’ although this piece is more about bladder control, which affects both men and women. But nobody really talks about it. Working in partnership with Tena Lady I am here to say C’est La Vie to Oops moments.

Being a women, after having a baby, I’m not really happy to admit it but my bladder just isn’t as good as it used to be. Every morning I get up and drink my water, coffee and have breakfast straight away. If I have anything past about 7.15am I know that throughout the entire walk to school I’m going to be cursing myself for not popping to the loo enough. Fair enough, it takes me an hour, but I never really had to worry before about being out the house and there not being a loo available. I don’t have any accidents, but when I need to go, I need to go. Pregnancy and birth really put a lot of pressure on the all the organs and so it’s quite natural to have a weaker pelvic floor and then, well, that’s when the Oops moments begin. I’m sure you all know what Tena Lady products do, and we are here to say that they are normal, natural and there are ways to prevent it from happening.

To talk about this a bit better and to go through a few other normal, annoying Oops moments, I have been sent a beautiful goodie bag to help me with daily Oops moments and struggles and to help me say C’est La Vie, it can be fixed!

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The first item in this set was a set of fruity scented nail polish remover pads to fix any dodgy nails. These have a fair few multi purposes which makes it a great product. Handy for tidying up nails and any spells of polish that fall onto the carpet. What I love about these is they can also be used to sanitise and clean metal makeup tools be it for nail art or fixing up those brows with tweezers. Another item in the goody bag was dress tape to help keep everything in the right place and prevent any awkward slips!

The cutest item in the bag was the mini sewing kit which we’ve already put to good use using it to sew up any awkward holes and hems!

Other items included a lovely makeup fixing spray which instantly refreshes tired makeup looks, anti static spray to stop skirts and slips from riding up, very handy for the wedding I’m attending next week and some of my favourite makeup remover wipes from Soap and Glory. My favourite item in the bag was the gorgeous smelling St Tropez gradual tan face cream which is helping me build up a lovely glow and balancing out other tan products I’m using to stop streaks from appearing.

All of these products help fix those Oops moments throughout the day, they happen, that’s life! C’est La Vie!

The last item was a pack of Lights by Tena to help prevent any little leaks when laughing too hard, bouncing too much, excersising, walking or just, well, to help. To give more women a C’est La Vie attitude towards a weak bladder. With one in three women experiencing light bladder weakness at some point in their lives, lights by Tena has recently upgraded its range to make it even easier to wave goodbye to unexpected (and unwelcome!) leaks. For more information and a free sample head over to Lights by Tena.

If you’re brave enough feel free to share a funny Oops moment in the comments!


***Disclaimer: I received this goody bag in exchange for this post to help raise awareness for women’s health issues***







    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree more haha it just happens and the more we talk about it the less scary it becomes, then the more people will get the help they need without any shame 🙂

  1. Ah yes the oops moments, where would we be without them 😉 This is a nice kit, just about everything one could need! #MarvMondays

  2. What a great little pack! Unfortunately oops moments definitely happen in life, and especially after you’ve had children. I’ve just had baby number two and am well aware of oops moments happening, which is a good reminder to do my pelvic floor exercises! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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