Statement of claim and why is it important for job seekers

Oftentimes we focus on resumes as the best way to get a job.

Although they are crucial in this modern world, they are not the only tool at your disposal.

When applying for governmental positions within the Australian Public Service or APS, you also have to add a statement of claim in order to be eligible. Statement of claim is another document besides your resume that will help interviewers learn more about you.

How do you create a statement of claim?

Ideally, you should hire a professional resume company that will create this document for you. Still, we do understand if you prefer to make it yourself.

When applying for a particular position, you can get more information from APS regarding how statement of claim needs to look like. Its structure, language and example may vary depending on position. Seniority and department also play a role in how statement of claim will be formulated. Candidate needs to keep a close attention to these details as they may affect your ability to land a job.  

Most candidates think that when writing a statement, you have to address each question separately. This isn’t entirely true. Instead, you can create a one whole where all these inquires will be answered in a more succinct summary. In this document you will have to mention your skills and competencies that will help you do the job and achieve required results.

The document can go from 2 to 3 pages up to 5 pages. In a way, it looks more like a cover letter than a resume.

How to approach writing?

People who have no experience writing lengthy articles may have some issues with the statement. But, the process is rather straightforward if you know what’s required.

Basically, you need to make a breakdown of all the skills and competences in different sections of the document. Putting them all together may look sloppy and crowded. Instead, each time you use an example, give yourself some space and explain it in detail. Not only will you mention the skills but also explain how you used them in a mundane situation.

Besides skills, achievements are an important part of this document. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t add everything; focus on achievements that will actually help you perform the job you’re applying for. Most professional statement of claim writers suggest that you should use one or two achievements. When using the examples, it is better to rely on STAR model (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

The STAR model is a preferential way to dissect and explain your skills, achievements and situations you came across during career. Interviewers want to learn more about specific situations that you encountered while working, what was expected from you, what did you do to solve the issue and what kind of results you’ve gotten. The STAR model allows interviewers to analyze your behavior, decision-making, how you’re handling with diversity and whether or not your approach to practical problems is effective.

Using professional assistance

Like with a resume, the statement of claim plays a big role in how the Agency perceives you. Lots of candidates will not even get a chance to come for a face-to-face interview if their statement was lackluster. So, it’s necessary for a candidate to give it some thought and approach it in a professional way.

Given that not all of us can be good writers, it would be wise to rely on professional assistance. There are lots of companies such as ours that offer this service. With help of our writers, you can create an amazing statement of claim that will properly represent your skillset, achievements and previous experience.

If you want to learn more about our service, make sure to call us at any time!

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